I just love it!

Hello readers!

Haha! That's what I liked these days and onwards. I would like to be thankful guys in supporting, reading and viewing my blog post. Yes, I admit strangers, haters and lovers of me helped my blog raised up my hits.

Applause! Well, I recommend not to hate me too much because you will suffer uncomfortableness, dizziness and maybe suicide if you can't control yourself reading a bit of my thoughts, yeah right? Admit that! Thanks to my Feedjit Live because I was on reviewing my super-duper-over gaga readers that visiting me here.

You guys was so great. Thanks for the email too from my few but loyal readers. I don't need a damn huge readers which will only create trouble on the way I thought and the manners I wrote about my post.

Only if you wanna puke and disapproved some of my english notes here then get out of here, moron! I am not entertaining here for you, ok? I got tons of visitors and readers all over the world then you are saying to blog me in native language??? I wanna faint! That's so ridiculous! How would be my foreign readers understand if I post Tagalog or Cebuano language here?

Well, I am not complaining though. The truth, I was too busy with my career. I am Auditing too much paper from my office. No time to Audit my own blog thoughts.

Much love and appreciation.

I will blog more soon, guys! I promised to be good. Lol.
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