Changing Faces

Recently I was been so stressful with all the burdens that kept on kicking me... being alone and lonely.

Thank my goodness my friends was there to cheer me up..ehem, beer me up!

I mean changing faces because we are so close to each other we almost changed faces.

We beer bond first in the police barracks because two of our guy friends was a police officer. Then we proceed to Padis Point, Sta Cruz to extend more of happiness.

Shierly, Me, Kim and Alfie.

Joel, our police officer friend was irritated to Shierly's voice.

683 Rizal Ave., Sta. Cruz Manila
Everybody is getting ready for the live band performance.

Live band

The show must go on so the beers. Lol.
We finishes two buckets. Damn!

PULUTAN (Finger Food)

Pork Sisig

Pork Barbeque

Here's the main topic: CHANGING FACES

The more we cam-whore we almost changing one's faces. Emote dot com.
The serious

The Smile.

The Wacky. wtf!

The Friends.

Thanks to Alfie, the big guy in the house. Credit to you for making us happy.

A big hug to the bear!

The CFF! If there's such a word like BFF or Best Friend Forever then CFF or Close Friend Forever was ours. Fuckin' mad.

One more fun soon.

Ok, need to be happy due to depression I've deactivated my two accounts on Facebook.

Oh, my Palawan vacation is coming soon. Can't wait one month to go.
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