New Hair, New Looks!

These days I was quite bored and stressed coz Sydney got a fever and mum wasn't feeling well. If getting too much worry will cause me death I probably die.

When I was on my pillow the crazy fuckin' insomnia visited me so I ended with a worst 4:30AM sleep wtf!

So, I was doing the insomnia weapon ---> Plants Vs. Zombie game and I was stressed again coz I was on the hardest part oredi! I'd focus instead in planting some plants.

March 4, 2012 7:30 AM

SYDNEY's first hair cut encounter.

I am having a hard time convincing her to cut her hair down she was taking it seriously nod against the idea. Basically, it was the best time coz it's Sunday and this is the first time she will having it short down  for her life span. Lol. 

Sniff..sniff..sniff! OMFG! I made it worst lah! Fuck myself! The dreadlocks was all way down her hair looks gross! Then that's the time I FORCE her to go to salon. She don't like it but how can be a good daughter refused to her monster mum? Haha! Then I went with my mum and son. At first bought her some cookie to focus her attention to that.

That's her worst hair ever minus the dreadlocks. Sorry, my love. 

"Now I sentence you life awesomeness, preparing for your wishes. Lol"

She was damn serious I thought she will be alright. But NO!

She broke up her silence and cried!! I was bloody smashed down. I am very sorry, love. Will treat you later.

See my naughty smile with John Alexander while Sydney suffered from her curly hair strands painful reaction.

TADAH! Done.

Poor my bebe. Short haired and cracked lips. FYI, she had a fever though.

Later of the day she almost forgot the tragedy of her hair. Lol. She was happy jumping around the mall.

I'd asked her, "Ei, love what treat you want eh?" Then she took the Patrick-the Star lollipop.

More cakes from Goldilocks. We finished everything wow!

The orange boy with his orange juice and with the orange lollipop wtf!

Need to sleep guys, I was damn groggy or something. Sorry please. More fun soon, readers!

Thanks, readers for following this plain blog or is this a blog not to think so. 

Special mention to Mariechris de Leon, my BFF arrived from London. Another bestfriend from Gurgaon, India, Mr Abhishek Sindhu.

Thanks to many readers from: Stenungsund, Vastra Gotaland, Jakarta, Johor,Bahru, Council Bluffs, Iowa, MedellĂ­n, Antioquia, Guadalajara, Jalisco, Cleveland, Ohio, Montgomery Village, Maryland, Mountain View, California, Atlanta, Georgia and Philippines!!

Yay! You're my inspiration. Few but the best!



 Need to be beautiful? I must share a secret. Lol.

 Blue blouse from my sponsor, Karen's Closet. =)

Agree with the beauty inside and out.

Aside from the regular exercise and USANA ..

Or if you're still stress then try my new game: PLANTS VS. ZOMBIES

Just showing you my three sets of ZEN garden lah! If you still undecided with the above stressed solutions.

Try Crazy Dave for a date. He is free for you.
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