Tiny Sights, Bigger Bites

Hello my dear readers!

I am almost enough of my crazy cravings and morning sickness but still the head aches remains like hell especially after the whole office work was done. Well, I still remember my son's first experienced of morning sickness was almost faint me off every time I'd smell the fragrance of fabric conditioner. During that time, I craved for a food that shouldn't be bought in a store, it should be given by someone or something I should ask for. Lol crazy. On my daughter's craving time, I've almost died puking if I saw some hair strands on toilet sink etc. And the time of hers, I like to eat siomai which visibly appeared on the bottom of her right ear. Which is cute. =)

On my third unborn baby, I eat everything but if I didn't like the food I threw up like hell. My stomach will left so empty until the saliva will turn greenish. Yes, guys I am more than 15 weeks of my pregnancy. I can't elaborate why, how, who and when it happened. Everything still I wanna keep in some private details so spare me, thanks. I thought the unborn baby shouldn't be put in some tension right? All I can say was I am trying hard that everything in behalf of my family was in good health, peace of mind and I knew soon I can have this long time happiness I am craving for. My family and my old friends knew everything about my past which is something I adore from them coz they respect whatever decisions I made.

Still I thank God for this overwhelming attention I get from my guy. And this time, I can't ask for more and I got no more cursing from someone or something from my past coz he always put me in any positive thoughts. Simple life but full of respect and love of course.

Well, enough of those words I wanna show you some pictures taken from my new phone yes I got new one.Lol. I love this phone coz it's so sleek, shiny and thin. It has the most friendly-touch-screen features. It's my Cherry Mobile W900-Curvaceous Droid. Find it more HERE!

Cassava Cake I've craved lately. Yums!

Almost 16 weeks. =)

The edited pic from my phone not that nice. =(

Well, I've missed my travel maybe later next year I will gathered some resources to update some of my trekking blog. Happiness wouldn't enough here. Life so short even shorter if we focus on things and peeps that will only make us unhappy. I am not God so I stop  cursing my past and I wanna live in a purpose. My pregnancy is not on my plan, not even thinking a glimpse of it. I was afraid at first. I wanna turn back and scream in silence. Yet I have realized, this is a blessing. I didn't expected it but it's a gift. And they said, it is better to be given something you didn't really want right now than to NOT be given something that you really want. Thank you God, for not letting me to be selfish and for not letting me to think backwards rather by teaching me to walk forwardly happy.

Praise be to God!

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