Back to School!

As a mother, it was a fulfilled feeling having your kids sent to school. A lot of street kids I have seen today sniffing "rugby" (which disturbs me a lot). Sometimes I asked myself, where's the F***ing mothers of these kids?!! It is the right of one child to be in school and learn. Not only to learn but to live. It's the parents duty to give them love, feed them, secure their shelter and of course educate them well.

Despite of being a solo mum of my kids, I thank God for having me my kids enjoy and learn from their school. I am too tired from office but yet I am looking for a quality "assignment-bonding" time with them.

Alek is grade four. Sydney is kindergarten. They studied in Gov. P. F. Espiritu Elementary School. Address:
Panapaan Rd., Brgy Panapaan II Bacoor City, Cavite. It's near in our home. Alek's learning time from 6AM to 12 Noon. While Sydney starts at 8AM to 11AM.

John Alexander
The "still-sleepy" Alexander.

The lil shy.

My grade four but he's still my baby. ;)

A shot near his classroom.

Wow, my bebe girl is now a lady. Lol.

Obviously, she was very excited in her school.

Her in front of school gymnasium.

Mini garden 

Inside her room that I hardly leaves that I wanna see what she's doin' inside the class.

I've remember that my dad used to sent me in school. He also had his hard time leaving me coz I felt like crying wanna scream --- "Dadddyyyyy....don't leave me!!!" LOL.

I missed my dad...oh... :'(

Now I fully understand why my dad used to peep on my class. I am doing it now. :)

It was like a feeling of security. That the baby I used to carry for nine months was now joining her 1st study... I don't wanna leave because I want to see if she's fine. Would she cry? (Other kids crying on their seats). 

After the class.

She told me she wanna be a doctor someday. Wow, I wish your dream will come true, my bebe.

She truly enjoys school time.

Right to Education. Right to Learn. Education breaks the cycle of poverty.

God bless to all! Happy parenting.
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