The Everyday's Ending

Sounds conflict.

Yeah, I can't find a comfortable title of this post because it was hurting me for a week. After I gave birth on March 30, 2013 with baby JB I've been decided to move out. Ever since I was really trying hard to have my kids with me. Then I thought this will be the great way.

April 14, we finally found a small cozy apartment and my kids was really happy. Everyone had their own choir. The apartment was not really expensive it's P3,500 with light and water. At first, we tried to fill in the house. Everything was good at first, the kids sent to near walking distance school. Yet, after the expenses of milk, and some groceries I didn't anticipate the huge debt that adding all the time. I was trying to rebuild everything into "proper" places. The kids was bored staying in the house and so.

We tried to find a lesser monthly cost apartment but it was hard. Until the days was over. I still wanted to fix but my partner told me to move back to mum because it's the best way.

So this is the end of my everyday life. I mean, the usual Monday to Saturday movement I've used to. Home-office and office-home. Goodbye Panapaan, Bacoor. It really hurt to gave up on you, the memories I've built with my kids together and my partner. Goodbye nice landlord. Goodbye, silent neighbors. Goodbye, P5 coffee coin insert machine (in front of our house). Tears! Tears! I am gonna Missed You.... :(

So this is final..

 Welcome, Panapaan IV!!! (Our way home.)

Way to main highway.

I will missed you UPhigh ... if I am lazy for the grocery I usually went here.

The safe line when I walk across the highway. Ohhhhh....bye too.

The slightly busy road.

 My landmark (Ministop) every time the driver would ask me "Where is this?" while holding my fare money then I will told him " Ehem, Panapaan Ministop please". I always have P25 on my pocket so that the jeepney driver won't bother to asked me same above question. And I will keep the P5 off my wallet because it actually charged me P30 from my place teeheehee... (LOL!) Kidding.

An aircon bus going to Lawton approaching. P28 charge fare from Panapaan.

But I won't take the bus perhaps jeepney coz it stops in Binondo church. Ok, jeepney's coming wait!

Inside the jeepney. Everyone seems so sleepy including me.

It takes more than half an hour from Panapaan, Cavite to Binondo, Manila (45 mins) and that's without traffic. It depends on traffic lah!

San Fernando bridge of Binondo. Yes, I am walking from Binondo church to my office. It's part of exercise.

 I used to look-up every building and often thought, "Why Chinese people could lived in those high towered building while poor Filipino's sleep everywhere on those streets of Manila?".

Chinese enjoys living here. Wow, right?

While some Filipino's tried to fill themselves to lived in a house like these. :(

Ok let's see in focus image.
I think it's a choice. Not an option.

What's your answer?

 Some squatters.

Granny, what's your breakfast for today? :)

Some small time business.

Me capturing my feet walking fast.

Finally got here to our office.

Could you tell what is this? Me fronting the elevator. Lol.

Going to 4th/F

The main door.

The reception area.

Where's my time card?

Early bird lah!

Still lights off.

The Big Boss office.

And my table.

Well, this is the daily cycle of my life from Monday to Saturday. But now it won't be anymore. I am really missing our old apartment but we can't live there anymore. I don't have enough resources for it. Or else I will be sleeping in those streets of Manila.

It's a choice. Not an option.

So I choose to moved out my family and be back to General, Trias with mum to lessen the expenses. And I will live free with the company. Yes, it's FREE.

 I need to be practical.
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