Manila Cathedral Church

Do you guys love historical places? Intramuros, Manila will bring you back to memory lane.
The last time I was in Intramuros was during my college years so let me count back. Secret! Haha! 17 years ago, wow! I guess it's nice to see those old places where you remember your ex-bf. Lol.

It's partly for the health benefit and partly to shoos away bored thoughts. This time I connived my friend Cherry to take a walk with me in Intramuros. I don't have a hard time convincing her she promptly said yes.

I was quite skeptical when she told me we will use Delpan bridge because it's the shortest way from our office in Binondo. Oh no! It's really scary when you walk along the squatters area the suspicious looking faces are very cute. Lol. Kidding aside, we use to inhale all the polluted air of Metro Manila. We powdered our faces by dust and we tanned our skin by direct sunlight. Seriously it wasn't awesome at all. The most scary part when there's some tall but skinny black guy walking behind us. I was almost running so I guess it loses my weight ten times.

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We almost reached Intramuros about 10 minutes of walking-jogging due to nervous breakdown moment with the stranger.
 What if he runs after me and declared "hold-up!" or will snatch my bag and he will burst out with much resentment because my wallet had only P100. Or worst, he will kidnapped me then drown myself to Pasig river? Oh em gee! Noooooo!
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That's enough.

When I set my eyes to the place, after wind blowing my dry hair it was like nostalgia. I've heard voices rather old echoing voices of my old college friends laughing at the back of my mind. The church stood still for long years and the people goes by rather praying or some are those like me taking photos.

Touchdown Intramuros.

Intramuros (Spanish, "within the walls") is the oldest district and historic core of Manila, the capital of the Philippines. Also called the Walled City, it was the original city of Manila and was the seat of government when the Philippines was a component realm of the Spanish Empire. Districts beyond the walls were referred as the extramuros of Manila, meaning "outside the walls". More to read.
Tourist from other countries enjoyed snapping photos so do I. Lol.

The Manila Cathedral Church
The nostalgic effect.

Invading the place.

The cathedral was originally the "church of Manila" officially established in 1571 by a secular priest, Juan de Vivero, who arrived in Manila Bay in 1566. De Vivero, the chaplain on the galleon of San Gerónimo, was sent by the Archbishop of Mexico, Alonso de Montúfar , to establish Christianity as the spiritual and religious administration in newly colonized Philippines. De Vivero later became the vicar-general and the first ecclesiastical judge of the city of Manila.

Ok class, read more about Manila Cathedral.

What more can I say? Gorgeous!

Palacio Del Gobernador

Palacio del Gobernador literally translated as Palace of the Governor but correctly known as the Palace of the Governor-Generals is one of the edifices found inside Intramuros. It is a stone throw away from Manila Cathedral and it is fronting Plaza Roma.

 Let us learn more.

The Ayuntamiento de Manila is a building located at the corner of Andrés Soriano Avenue (formerly Calle Aduana) and Cabildo Street in Intramuros, Manila, Philippines. Also known as the Casas Consistoriales, the Ayuntamiento was the seat of the Manila City Council, which consisted of two alcaldes (city leaders), eight oidores (judges), a clerk, and a chief constable.Destroyed in World War II and reconstructed thereafter, the building now houses the offices of the Bureau of the Treasury. More.

Ayuntamiento de Manila.(Me standing like a friendly ghost.)

Ayuntamiento means excelentísim. In English, "most excellent".

 And speaking of "ghost". How about the scary version of church?

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It's almost 6PM.
Dinner time. Chowking time.
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Chowking Fried Pork Siomai -P79.

Chowking Halo-Halo (without ice cream) -P43.

Chowking Wonton Soup -P39.

Ready eat!

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Hope you guys visit Intramuros and the Manila Cathedral one day. It's the sacred and full of secret place that you gonna enjoy. The old times and the historical ambiance that you welcome is very awesome. There you can also see an abandon building which I wanted to capture. But Cherry was too scared even with the thin glimpse of it. Maybe next time.

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I'll eat now. Ba-bye!
(credit to cute emoticon-HeyheyPigBaby)
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