Cafe Havana Party

December 11, 2013

It was a surprised invitation from the first lady of Unitop Int'l Group, of course our dear and very missed Madam Mimi. It was for only the selected friends and I was like, "Really, am I invited too?".

It was Ms Emma our legal officer who invited me to be part of this unforgettable moment. Well, as usual from the hard office day, we went straight to Greenbelt, Makati where Madam Mimi will come to meet us.

Here we go. Excitedness overwhelmed me. Wohoohoo!

The highlighted photo! 

Of course, with Ms Emma.

Waiting for Madam Mimi.

It's a warm and cozy place.

The waiting moment. We're all excited in fact!

Yeah go attack nooowwww! Lol.

Oh, heavens grace please give us food tonight. 

It is written on our face - hungriness is next to shyness.

Oh here we go, at least I could drink some ... an empty glass with a lemon and full of iodized salt...???

Wow! At last I could drink now! Super thirst-inviting eh?

Chicharones a la Cubano
Crisp fried meaty pork cracklings Cuban style 230.00

And when I drink the so-called lemon juice... yaiks! It was tequila!

Paella Valenciana
With chicken, pork, shrimp, clams, capsicum, and green beans 595.00
Shrimp Cocktail Diablo
  Chilled shrimps with tangy cocktail sauce 325.00
Plato de Amigos
  Grilled shrimps, Lechon Cubano, fried potatoes, tomato salsa, and Cafe Havana Mojo 795.00
 Crunchy Cuban Calamari 
  Deep-fried squid rings with special spice coaling. Served with a robust dipping sauce 295.00
El Sisig
A Capampangan is loose in the Havana kitchen. Minced pork jowls in garlic and chilies 220.00
The super fat chicharon model. Haha!

Hmm.... yummeh!

Enjoying much! Got the orange butterfly on my fat face. Lol.

It's really a nice dinner. Stomach out! ;)
And we are all drunken one by one.   

If you needed someone so trustful and very nice to be a friend for, I recommend her -- Sally!

And the party begins!
When the cafe band beat the drums people get so loud!

Then a group of girls go center stage and dance with the salsa.

And everyone got carried over with the live dancers, live band, live audiences and strong music.

 And we all enjoyed this night party.


Happiness marked on our faces.

I love you, Madam Mimi! Muah!

Thank you, cafe Havana for this wonderful food trip experience!

Café Havana Greenbelt
G/F Greenbelt 3, Ayala Center, Makati City
Phone: 757-4370 or 757-4371

 Some trivia: Café Havana is the hands-down choice of bar enthusiasts. This famous bar is a happening place that transformed the Remedios Circle from a genteel promenade into a throbbing section of charming Malate. Café Havana is Latino-Cubano, and it lives the spirit of the islands from its décor to its food and music. Since it’s opening in Greenbelt 3, Café Havana has quickly become the hottest bar in Makati.
And we all ended to Starbucks to sipped some coffee and be back to our senses.

 I can't help it anymore too sleepy. It's freakin' 3 AM. Waaahhh!

Ei, guys what you choose between the two?

Pleasure or Happiness?

Uhm, maybe I will ask you something like...?

Starbucks Coffee



I mean, beer will get you out of your senses temporarily. But coffee will wake you up.

So, obviously I will choose a cup of coffee!

For more info:

Starbucks Coffee

G/F Greenbelt 3, Esperanza Street
Ayala Center, Makati
(02) 757-4035

The greatest pleasure of life is LOVE - Euripides
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