Immaculate Conception Parish Church

It was Sto Nino feast when we went to church to give thanks to our God Almighty in January this year. Yes, it's a month late post already and err, sorry.

Count your blessings. Indeed, I am a full pledge happy mom of three. God bless my kids for making me awesomely happy. Pictures will tell.

The Immaculate Conception Parish Church

It is located along Dasma, Bayan and you won't be in trouble finding it even with your closed eyes.

Sydney was excitedly posing.

I've tried to correct the photo yet it didn't show my best. Lol.

Alek in his strike.

I am trying to convinced Alek to give me a nice shot and it took a zillion of patience.

The two tower. Loves! 

The cute girl in an airy moves.

The two-teeth beautiful girl.

Chasing with colorful toys.

What's in this soft thing? The child was confused. Lol.

Maybe sponge bob could tell.

Or bugs bunny has an idea? "What's up doc?"

A 5 peso cotton candy can make her heart melt.

Eyes with traces of joy. Thanks to you, cotton candy.

Big boys still happy about this thing.

Even the two stars dancing in the good sunshiney Sunday.

As the sun beams on us, we continued to walk on the nearest Jollibee to chill out our day.

JB crying for a fries..the salty thing she used to loved everytime we dine in here.

The magical salty thing -- Jollibee fries!

Oh em gee! Yum yum yum!

The Jollibee model. Lol.

And I am just
to see them

Yet, Sydney wants to share a piece of her burger. Oh, what a thoughtful bunny.

I love you, Sydney!

My pretty baby is now a 'lil lady.

Let us celebrate the feast of good and humble life.

Thanks to you, oh Lord Jesus for the sunshiney Jolly Sunday.

 Cheers for the life.

Cheers for the smile!

Until next time, kids.

I will mark this day as I am looking your way. The little shoes, the little toes.

One day will come, all the three of you will all grow. 

But still the memories of kissing your breath will forever stay as you go on your own ways.
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