J.Co Donuts And Coffee

A friend of mine named Grace gave us great pleasure! One of my favorite guilt-- the J.Co donuts. Actually it's been part of her saying goodbyes because she's leaving the company for good and will live home to Iloilo. I am pretty sure to missed her noise and chattering non-stop. Oh, Grace, thanks for the gracefulness.

Spent J.Co goodness with Ifi (lady on black), Karen (violet), Grace (white) and yours truly..ahem.

Blue Berrymore.

I can't recover myself. I want more!


Above all, my most favorite:
Alcapone. I've finish alcapone got no own picture so I stole this one. Credit.

Everyone done with the sweetness and smoothness of J.Co donuts. 

 We eats everything including the fork. Lol.

Good treats especially during rainy days.

Come and visit:

The warm and nose-smooth  ambiance of J.Co

J.Co Donuts & Coffee

Lucky ChinaTown Mall 

Reina Regente Street, Binondo, Manila 


Thank you for sharing the J.Co way. 



 For the last stop, beware of J.Co bandits.


iLvE You, J.C
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