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The Dead Thoughts

Opening those neglected folder.
I saw your empty name.
These I've never opened a year ago.
I've remember how many times I do cherished reading those.
But now, countless look I never took.

Now, I am brave to look every words.
But can never get the meaning of it.
How come it's not warm anymore?
 Where's the invisible butterflies after the long way?

I wanna missed you but I don't.
It's another stranger I might never known.
Oh how I wish I have never met you.
I think I have wasted my time of having you.

Emptiness... after all.

I could look back how much I adore you.
These moment now, I could never think of you.
I guess I have finally moved on,
No more sad song to make me blue.

You're an old memory.
Rotten like an old tree.
A feelings like an old buildings deserted.
A heart that has been neglected.

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- Jenny
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