The 'Lil Comic Story 11

Who wants apple? An apple a day get the doctors away. 


JB aka Bordie was busy on my sister's apple lappy. 

I like the sleek and crystal-like color of the apple laptop. That's why JB can't get enough of ehem..browsing? I dunno what she actually doing. I will spank her if I caught her chatting to a boy. Lol.

Took a peep at her screen.. hmm..

She didn't noticed me at all, the chicken was so busy. 

Tons of deadlines, perhaps?

Intensely involved herself on FB-ing, Twitter-ing, and Instagram-ing..

Or fire eyebrows we called that? "Sunog kilay"? Wahaha!

Nope, not really my baby. Lol.

Then suddenly out of nowhere came the villains.

The bad guys disrupted JB's time.

If only she's big enough they will pay each ass for sure.

Poor lilttle girl.

End with a broken heart.

P/S: JB is 11 months and  14 days as of this writing. Irrelevant so what? Lol.

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Ok, bye! Credit to Super Kawaii Emoticons

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