It's 24th Bdae!

Late post!

It's June month, it's the twin star that sparkling at night. J.O celebrates every 15th and mine 20th of June. Yup, I am talking here about our birthdays. Usually my birthday come and passes by just like an ordinary day of my life. I just thank God for another blessing, that's it. Sounds boring, indeed.

Well, it's J.O's birthday. He ask nothing. He's happy having us (without necessary force). Lol. We escaped in the middle night of 15th as the kids fell asleep. We went to our favorite meeting place, Ermatz Ko. They served all kinds of cheap and affordable snack and pancit. Ermatz means mother in street lingo.

As part of long life celebration, we ordered pancit and footlong plus drinks. All in all we only pay P117. Wow, so cheap. We don't eat much because we're not hungry at all we just hang-out for some talk.

What's your order, sir?

Pancit P55 and footlong only P38.

Who resist from this yummy pancit? Good for 2 peeps.

Happy bdae, Bhe. 

I wish you more love, patience and long life with success.

"Ei, Bhe let us make some selfie moment." (No reaction from him.) -_-

One more please....and I only got his horror like face. Hehehe. 

I wish he won't stab me with his fork for annoyance. Lol.

That was all for the long night. 


Ooopsss.. wait!There is a patch message from her highness.

P/s: Happy Fathers Day also to you, dad.

End of short story.
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