Once Upon A Time

There's is no more "The 'Lil Comic Story" because JB is a big girl now.

" No Reaction" -_-

Yes talk to you hand. Lol.

It was our Sunday routine to walk and get skin tan during my day off. It was also a family time to us. It made my little JB more active too to explore her world. 

These place is what we called nature. Because 3/4 of our place is housing community that has no trees or birds anymore. Yet they let this 1/4 space with a nature ambiance. But I have heard in the future the hospital and some school will rise on this spot. Oh, so sad. :(


:iconmecutelove: :iconhihilove: 

"Let me put you to the top, bebe!"

 image image  

Yeah, bebe let us go to our new house. Our dream house.

After 35 years of hard working, alas it was a blessing to have been cherished and appreciated by my family. Thanks to my partner in crime for making me this effort to be soon materialized. Without him, until now I do not know when to plan for my children's shelter. 

★Lightning of Happiness(◎≧v≦)

 The Future Peekture!

Nice or what?

Very Soon.

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