Manila Zoological and Botanical Garden

The Manila Zoological and Botanical Garden is a 5.5-hectare (14-acre) zoo located in Manila, Philippines that opened on July 25, 1959. The Manila Zoo and Botanical Garden receives millions of visitors every year, and is especially popular with visitors on weekends.

Entrance fee for adult is P40 (not a resident of Manila), adult is P20 (Manila resident) and P20 for kids, below 4 feet  (not a resident of Manila) while P10 for kids below 4 feet of Manila resident. Sounds conflict or what? Lol.

For more inquiries click the link HERE! Browse until you drop.

The three muskeeters

We arrived so early like before 7 AM and the kids was so excited. Actually, this activity is very nice every Sunday (family day). After the stress from work it is the right time to get bond with the kids expense-less! Yup, no need to spend much money the importance is to be with your small tycoons and paint a BIG smile on their faces. All you have to do is bring your own baon (foodies) and all will work out.

If you feel like riding on a tiny boat while awaiting for the crooks to eat you down. Hehe.

Alek with the giraffe statue.

Then Sydney..

Three of them.

Alek with the statue of Maali 

The zoo's most popular resident is Maali, an Asian elephant who arrived at the zoo in 1977 as 3 year old calf transported from Sri Lanka, after being poached from the wild.

Here's beloved Maali.


The kids have so much fun. 

This animal figure is made of their original skin. Something like preserve.

The surrounding was wide and clean. Really good for nature tripping too.

Chillax mode.

You can also get-in-touch with the animals. Be sure NOT to feed them with junk food.

Also harmless for babies.

Tired but happy.

I can say that every spot of Manila Zoo is nice and clean. 

brotherhood bonding

And sisterhood bonding.

Ei, kid what you doing?

Talking to a new friend?

Say hello to JB's new friend.

Another new friend.


Rock baby rock...


Inside the Manila Zoo you can also find different kind of cute stuff like this.

Kinder zoo is another place inside manila zoo. They also have different kind of animals but here they have the photo booth where you can have your memories of your favorite animals like snakes and crocodile.

You like? lol.

Then we went home happily ever after.

Then we took our snacks in McDonald.


Ei, that's hot darlin'!

Chicken McDonald

Selfie Alexander

On our way home (inside the bus)

sleep tight my angels.

All end with a sweet smile.


I really LoVe that!!!

Go mommies, take your kids with fun and educate them in:

Address: Adriatico Street, Malate, Manila, Metro Manila, Philippines

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