Super Friends And The Supah Foods

Nothing is happier with our food tripping. Besides eating our own problems, this time we need to eat real foods ok?

We went two days in a row to SM Manila just for fun and eat. 

Day One.

We tried to feel back those moments of being a college student. So we decided to eat in a fast cheap food along SM Manila. Guess what? P25 for a budget meal.

Here's the proof.

 Read the background price. Huaatt!!

Chicken Sisig with free iced tea -P25 only.

Of course the taste is also good for the price. Lol. 

What do you expect? A meal swimming in an oil. Haha.Sorry I guess they should lessen the oil.

Dok Manok Bacolod
Along SM Manila (outside)

 After window shopping, yup we only bought some beauty skin product (to blog soon!) I have a new beauty discovery to share. Then we eat again before going home for our dinner.

This time in real food. Lol.

Chowking SM City Manila
4/F Sm City Manila, Natividad Almeda-Lopez cor San Marcelino St.,
Metro Manila

Chicken Wings


Pancit (for long life friendship)

Day Two. 

Another round of our bonding.

I bought a shoes and I can't find a good shirt for my XXL size. Haha.
 I am so discouraged I didn't buy a new dress. Sad.
Is it nice? Lol.

And of course another round of food tripping!! 
Can't blame why I became too way fat.

Count the Star @ d Bucks.
SM City Manila
Upper G/F, Villegas St.cor Almeda St.,
Metro Manila

Us girls.

Cinnamon Danish -P65 with Choco Cream Chip -P170

Loaf Banana -P55 with Choco Cream Chip -P170

New Honey Glazed Donut -P50 with Caramel -P150

A kind of blurry pic.

I've got so much fun with Cherry and Diane for this food trip bonding.
 We will post another one very soon.

--end of post--

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