The Greatest Blessings

The title speaks.

The greatest blessings of my life calls me mommy. 

When it comes to pure love and true happiness my kids saves me. I can not think of more other things that made me complete all my life. Without them and my family, I am nothing. And surely I can't describe how beautiful life would be. 

It's August dearest readers! We have to think positive and be thankful everyday for another life with our loved ones and friends. Be blessed that we have our work  to enjoy and messed up the same time. Lol.

Last Sunday, the kids are excitedly cage-free. Haha! We went to eat in their favorite of course, kids first love - Jollibee. And my chance to bought a washing machine because my right arm injury never heals until this day so I can't really move it after finishing my laundry manually.

Here we go! (this time no filter)

My life Sydney, JB and Alexander.

JB wanted a solo and her siblings teased  she gone angry.

This time she is kinda shy and trying to make a "peace" sign.

Smile darling!

Ok, since Alexander and Sydney complains of hungriness we went inside.

Haha! JB can't wait anymore. Too hungry baby? Lol.

The very formal girl, Sydney.

And Alexander. Poor dear, got scratched on his face.

The super delicious Jolly Spaghetti

Ei, guys here's a budget TIP! Got a big savings once you order a burger and spaghetti family pack for only P364. It includes 4 pieces cheese burger, 4 pieces medium size softdrinks and 1 family size spaghetti, photo above.

Nice or what? Just don't forget to bring your Jollibee Happyplus card to earn points.

Happiness painted on JB's cute face.


 JB with her love, J.O.

Before we went home, JB requested again to have her solo picture together with Jollibee.

Ei, Jollibee fanatic. Still can't gesture the correct "peace" sign on her face. hehe.

That's ok, baby.

Visit the Jollibee!

Lumina Mall
Ground Floor, Lumina Mall, Aguinaldo Highway, Imus, Cavite

More of random pics.
 Sydney (photo bomb by JB and Alexander)

Groupie #1 (kids not yet ready)

This #2 is quite nice.

Pic #3 is ...what the...

The happiest people do not have the best of everything,
They make the best of everything they have.

-end of post-
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