Sizzlin' Afternoon

Howdie, readers! It's July and time flies so fast ever. Hope everyone is fine and everything is under control.

It's my first time to see these place even I have been in Roxas Boulevard a few times. If you wanted some good sunset aside from Baywalk then you must walk further more along Manila Yacht Club. Passed along CCP Complex, on the right way there is a plaza corner. And you gonna surprise by yacht and boats floating like a big screen on your eyes. There you can take the sunset and big city along sea side view.

The place is Harbour Square.

Baywalk Sunset.

Roxas Boulevard.

We hurriedly walk because the sunset is fastly disappearing. 

Small boats along Roxas Boulevard.

Actually, it's kinda disappointing because the place is nice when you wanted to be alone or something like you are emotional then the thin air that brushing your messy hair was stinky. All of the sudden the moment was gone. Lol. It's very polluted. I hope the government will find time to revive the area. Most tourist find these place a kind of awfully awesome in a mix. Hehe.

"I believe I can fly". Trying to catch these 'lil birdie.

How about these view? 

The city against the sea.

Some fishing folks.

Catch of the day, a bloody fish.

With my bloody friends.

Some edge.

As dark starting to set, the place came so romantically beautiful.

It's hard for me to capture the best photo while the water have lit lights drowning the water because my phone camera is obviously can't capture the exact moment. Oh sadness.

 Sunset love birds.


A marine portrait.

The most exciting part to enjoy is the no-way-to-be-hungry policy. Lol.
It's because fancy restaurants is everywhere in the corner.

If you wanted to know this might be helpful. Harbour Square click! 

I am hungry!

I wanted to create my own sizzlin' meal.
The answer - The Sizzlin' Steak.
Harbour Square
804 0500
CCP Complex, Manila

 Sizzlin' Steak is a homegrown brand under Teriyaki Boy Group Inc. (TBGI). It was launched in 2007 to provide the experience of Japanese steak dining in the country. It offers high quality beef, special sauces, and a hot-plate system served within an environment that puts a premium on product quality and service speed.

Visit their website. Sizzlin' Steak.

Burger Steak Set 

Beef Tapa

The food is very saucy-licious. Customers are satisfied on the first bite.

And so my friends, Ifi and Marites.

And the verdict.
Shiny, shimmering plates.

Next food tripping! See ya'll!

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