Cutting Expenses

Today, I am gonna blog about how to cut some small expenses on my purse. With today's higher prices that included the everyday things that we need in our small kitchen.

Some are samples that I really need to cut down like garlic, ginger, tomatoes, green leaves like sweet potato leaves (dahon ng kamote) and Chinese spinach (kangkong). So I've started to plant this all which I also included moringa leaves (malunggay), squash, peanut, oregano and some flowers too.

After we got our own home, we excitedly starting to fill up the small house. The backyard space was good to start a bed garden. Sounds good, right?

At first, I started to re-use the empty dough container of my kids. 

I just put some left over spring onion on the container. Ola! How cute with the combination of gift cactus plant from my friend. Tip, plant the spring onion on the space lot it will grow much thicker.

What I do, every time I use the spring onion by cutting the leaves it just grow back again. How amazing you gonna have unending supply of it, right? See the flowery top of my spring onion.

These green onions are rich in fiber, potassium, copper, manganese and vitamins like B6, C and K that make them the best natural remedy for various ailments. 

Another tip, don't throw the empty shell of eggs. Grind it until it will turn into powder then put it on your plants. It has calcium to benefit them.

My bed plants. 

Each plant was actually left over. Like the tomatoes, the seeds that I'd scrap when I do omelet. I've thrown the seeds in the soil, it grows in a week.
While I just made a hole for the left over stems of leaves through the soil, after a week it also regrow.

 I was so happy after I've thrown some squash seeds. More than two weeks it grows.

My stout plants.

If you're bored, try these hand activity by planting. Even my kids are helpful by watering my plants morning and night. Every Sunday we bond together by taking good care of our small garden. 

If not tomorrow, start today. Plant now!

Happy planting, guys!

A shadow from the neighborhood.

Sometimes I woke up in the middle of the night.
 I wonder what would be the scene outside my window plane.
There the air so thin and cold as I open the window.
Then it surprised me the darkness that never go...

 image  image 

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