Now You Are 13

As you turned 13, it only shows I'm growing old. Despite of all your short comings, stubbornness, and so hard head my love for you never pinch a little. Not because you're my son but mostly you are my life.

Sometimes I might felt that being a mother to you is not enough for me to show how happy I was having a good son like you. Many times you bullied me being this fat. Yet on my tiring moments your tiny hands on my head is huge enough to comfort me.

My son, my John Alexander, you're the first person that made me wonder how to create a good name for you. I'd choose John as servant of God and Alexander as warrior of God. I love you for being you. If I choose another life again I still choose to be your mother and my best friend again and again.

On your way through you 13th and more, I only wish you good health and more success as you grow. I am here, anak no matter what happen I won't give up. We are one family and it will always be.

The bdae boy

My super heroes

Blowing some prayers, son.

Us, in black and white.

With kuya and ate.

Going grocery

Happy 13th Birthday, my beloved son (2003/04/17)

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