Goodbye, Jaan

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My Lost Jaan,

You really don't understand me.
No wonder, you probably never wanted to get to know me,
since that fatal day you have decided to put yourself away from me.
In the future, whoever I am with, I won't meet them while thinking of you.
If there's such a day that I have someone I love, at that moment,
I would have already erased you from my heart completely.
Therefore, you don't have to worry.
I won't stop breathing.

What is LOVE?

Goodbye, my love.
I won't lose out to the piled up memories of you.
Like the tears that tickle my nose to sneeze,
that is how these words are scattered.

Thank you for today.


p/s: net mail for the long lost PKS, the man who taught me to value the worthy but then I realized that true love never comes unless there's someone who's willing to give everything and never surrender.

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