Who Needs Boobs Anyway?

Boobs boobs,
what’s all the hype for?
It’s as if you men have never
seen any before,
you stare if they’re small
you gawk if they’re big
for goodness sake their
only tits!
It’s no good telling you guys
our bra size,
you wouldn’t understand,
you only comprehend
when you’re sizing us up with
ya hands.
Some like the heavily endowed
whose boobs jut out in the crowd
and of course,
you love it if she has to run
as they have to be held down
to stop them juggling about,
then there’s the firm and pert,
nipples showing through her shirt,
making you sweat under yours
trembling like a bag of nerves,
but again, some of you men get
carried away and tend to talk to her
breasts finding hard to tear your
eyes away,
I really don’t know what the fascination
is maybe it goes back to when you
men were kids.

By Di42
image by yahoo.
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