Cool Dates!

One day in a wonderland. Lol. I must write something that will suggest a cool thing to my dearest readers today.

 Hello World!

 We went to a nearest shopping mall obviously to enjoy some food trip and things went well as we're expecting.

 Of course, I won't forget the important task before blogging: cam whoring for sure ;)  

 Checking our dog is she still breathing.Poor thing. Lol.

Before we proceed, I let Sydney do her cam-whoring part too. 
Take I

 Take II

 Take III

Take IV 

 Take V 

Take VI

Take VII  

 Halle Berry looks

More photos of Sydney and Alek
How come they came so sweet as they fight each day? Hehe.

Alek the handsome.

 Sydney the beautiful

  My kiddos

To really level up, we do lots of cam whoring. Annoying? Certainly.
 Very nice.

 It was so nice having fun time, photo time with my kids.

 Watching the showdown of Sarah G. & Angeline on ASAP!

 She was so ready tp go hopping...not shopping lah!

 Outsiders lookin'. Hehe.  

Any idea why I called this as Cool Dates?
Cool or not?


Alek on standby holding my ice cream.

Oh donuts, let me see

My spicy crab ball soup.

Alek's shrimp ball soup
Delicious hot soup is a product of:
Try it now! So cheap lah but yummy.

Alek's pretending to use chopsticks.


Serious eh?

Can't refill enough energy without her milk.

Then we go HOME!
Updating her Cityville games on Facebook. =)


Sydney went shopping!

tricycle ride.

Alek got a new haircut.

Us enjoying the "Sting".

Gold Blast! Love the taste.

Alek blast with the Sting.

While Sydney enjoying a fresh of milk.

Then we go to church.

Praying... outside church? 

Dinner @ Binalot sa Dahon

FYI, have the details for inquiries. 

Cozy small place.


Nice ceiling.

The classic pork adobo.

The hungry Alek.

So that's all for today. Next gonna blog a hair day --- for a change. Lol.
Thank you everyone!

Children make you want to start life over.  ~Muhammad Ali
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