Alek's 8TH big day!

Sure, the last blog was disaster. After putting all my forces of uploading the photos it was gone. I would like to scream " Whaaaat the fffffuck!" But oh well, I never did. lol.

Perhaps, I still wanna share the recent events and this was the birthday of my son (obviously consider on the title!) And after I get some resources, I will surely buy the fucking package of photo loading without restrictions.

The birthday starts so early, the kids was anticipating the excitement.

Going to church

Of course, considering the money sent by Alek's dad to MLhuiller. Worth a milllion man wtf!

After church, we went to nearest mall - SM, Molino to enjoy apparently it was still closed. So our hungry stomach told us to have our early meal on Jollibee.

Sydney waiting on her order.

Longganisa with egg P80

Golden brown hot cakes P50

Of course, the food won't be great enough without the hot choco.

Ok kiddos, let's eat!

The bdae boy

They were eating faster to play after.


Struggling haha!

The not-baby-anymore. lol.

Kids really loves Jollibee.

Excatly 10AM we back to SM to have more fun on Tom's World.
Sweet smile

Sydney playing basketball. =)

Notice, Alek was gone into his own games. He left us that's why I don't have photos of him played.


We enjoy our lunch too much on the chicken barbeque of Mang Inasal.
The two were hungry enough.

His handsomeness.

The two fuel some happiness trying to ignore the troubled tummies.

At first, they seemed enjoying ...

Later they we're fighting.

Sydney practiced her Ms Universe pose. =)

Very pretty.

Let's EAT!

The lil boy ate like a monster! har-har-har!

He ordered two rice man!

Sydney seems so serious.

Halo-halo for this summer.

The kids we're about to finish.

We hurriedly back home because Carlo sent me text message that he's waiting us home.

Then, I was so surprised because he was too kind to spend some of his busy time of cooking and preparing of Alek's birthday celebration.

I've never failed! He such a great cook! This is Pancit-Canton.

Then he brought an Ube flavored ice cream which is my son's fave.

The happy boy.

My son feeling handsome like Carlo.

No talk-eat.

Diet or not?! My brother and my daughter ignored some diet.

Me and Alek.

Finally, the happy ending. The birthday was so simple yet so intact.
Thank you, Carlo, Jerry, Alek and Sydney.

We know we're getting old when the only thing we want for our birthday is not to be reminded of it.  ~Author Unknown
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