Opening a Gift

How does the 2 year & 5 months old baby open a gift box?

Amazingly learned some cuteness ability from Sydney where obviously I took some snap photos to captured this moment.

By the way, thank you to her godmothers/fathers who thoughtfully remember.

" Yipee! I need to rip this so I can have more next year .. hehe!"

"Uff! Needed more strength...argh!"

"Hmm...another comfort thing on my bed. Thanks, godmother/father Willianne & Sonny!"

" Here we go 2nd gift. Don't make this hard for me."

" Tiny rolled pink furry thing..?"

" Thank you, Mome Ghe! Super love this!"

" Another gift box, this time a lil' bit heavy."

" Hehehe...only I could hope this is something like a gold bar?!"

" My first mug ever.Thanks to no sender name."

" Very cute!"

p/s: Thank you my beloved friends who always been there for my daughter. Love ya' all!

“Remember, the greatest gift is not found in a store nor under a tree, but in the hearts of true friends.”

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