The Home Coming with a Bdae Bash.

Warning: A blog after blog post you might suffer indigestion.

The Home-Coming

It was truly excited when someone you dear most will be coming home after a year of waiting.

At last, this is the moment we almost anticipated. December 03, we went to NAIA of course, to pick up my brother, his handsomeness Gideon. His plane arrived too early as of 3:30pm but we waited too long and suffered a calorie loss for more than an hour. WTF!

The whole gang went to mall of Asia to convinced happiness. Here we go!

Yes, a woman so nice and sexy drove us.

Can't exactly define how happy was the kiddos.

" I Love Daddy", kate's message was so obvious.

Looks I'm so tired.

Not only tiredness, worst my tummy drums like crazy. So we hungrily strike to Tokyo Cafe. Take my word, they served best food not only slashing your pocket. Affordable wise.

with my kiddos.

us girls.

The gang.

Our drinks. Oopss.. not only this.

You believe you can fly after finishing one glass.

This is my plate.

Caught Alek's wide smile.

Baby's plate. But I ate half of this too. Wahaha!

Japanese rice, twinkling like a star.

Amie's plate. That would be not enough for my supper wtf!

Rica's plate.

No words to say only to swallow. hehe.

Go, Amie go!


Fresh cuts.

The trouble-maker Kate. Hahaha!

Alek assisted by dad.


A Walk To Remember.


Oh, it's the handsome dad with his pretty daughter.

The beautiful couple.

Alexander the Great.

Baby kept on complaining bout my non-stop cam-whoring. =P

On my motherhood moment.


No front teeth Alek.

Wish to be a kid.

Riding with baby.

Rica in her small horse.

More of happiness.

The brave Sydney with Rica.

Sydney on her cam-whoring.


Tons of happiness and bonding moments this space will not fit so we decided to go home with a wide smile on our face. Of course, cam whoring session won't stop me.

With my shy baby.


Sweet family, minus Alek he was on the other seat.

Love fulfilled.

Birthday Bash!

December 04, it was our beloved Nat's bdae celebration so we almost never slept.. and you knew such reasons why we do not. Lol.



Guest starting came.

My older sis Joy with the kiddos.


Her with him.

Bloody alone.

Sydney as a model.

Very pretty.


Our breakfast. Yummeh!

The hotel.

Let's Party, Party!!

The party won't be nice without the hired singers.

" And now, the end is near & so I face the final curtain..lah lah"

" So I'll sing this song to all of my age for these are the questions we got to face..."


The bloody singers was so annoying. Never mind. This is a party. Only happiness allowed. Sadness? Loneliness? Bitterness? Or whatever "ness" contains negativism is IGNORED.

Here comes the food and all was ordered from Goldilocks.

Fresh Lumpia.


Of course, dinuguan won't be complete without the golden puto!

Special Caldereta.

Pork Barbeque.

Pancit Malabon

Another dinuguan not from Goldilocks but this much better and tastier.

The cake with the lechong baboy.

My fave tequila.

" omfg! this will be our last circled form"

Tons of photos it might explode on your computer screen.


The Swimming..
err, I mean the cam-whoring.

I thought I might faint of uploading too much photos and worst of all, the lappy was crawling like a fuckin' turtle and been stop three times I had to hit the " windows task manager", it's hanging!! wtf!!

Oh well, here more photos to share while in between "not responding" status of this lappy.

LvE Moments.

The Gift

December 05, 2010

There's something VERY nice as a Christmas gift for me.

Fuckin' awesome, agree or you're too blind if you can't appreciate the bright letters/numbers/images of the box I am holdin'. If you can NOT then you might need an eye check-up.

I always end with frustration on close up photos. I wanna capture true images. I like photography so much which on my old digital camera (too sad), whenever I took very focus images it ends so blurry. But this time I was so surprise it can make my wish granted! Exact photo drama I dreamed of.

I am really enjoying my collection pictures with this tiny handy digicamy. Hehe.

And so I created a small story too tiny for your membranes. Lol. Enjoy. Oh btw, this is dedicated to all idle father of this world. What you can do? A kind of man like you just need a little push ... at the end of the cliff?

Where are you, Father?

Life is like a storm.

A storm that come and go our home.

Have you thought about my small shoes?

Or wonder how do I look with my Nigerian hair?

Maybe I ask if you do really care?

And count my invisible tear?

If only I could play with you, father.

What else you are doing out there?

Maybe we can have a small smile to share.

A home you never started. And a little life you took for granted.

Where are you, father?


There you go. End of lil poetry. Lol. Well, that shows how my little girl acted too much like an actress. Drama stops! Optical gravity of reality, her awesomeness.

Oh my...

The girl I only adore.

Life makes sense when I look into her eyes.

My baby girl, I watched you grow-up with pride.

I love you more than life itself.

I learned to be careful because you had taught me.


The miracle is not to fly in the air, or to walk on the water, but to walk on the earth.
Chinese Proverb

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