Knock! Knock! Happiness!

I usually not an active YouTuber but I opened my own account being a member of this site way back 2006. Reason was to upload some memorable videos of my kids. Then, in one way or another to post some comments that's all.

But I never realized one day when I was too down while I was pregnant with my second baby. I used to browse some old and sad song that time and then linked to that video song then posted some sad comments too.

Far to that comment I've made that was May 2008 with that sad song, just now... I opened my Youtube account again this night 2011.08.28 I was surprised! The author of that "video maker" posted some advise without my knowledge. Yup, I was so touched he felt how I was feeling that time 3 years ago.

This is the author's touching reply post to me:

Reply to your comment on: Even Now (Nina) - the pain of moving on

i was actually asking this question a lot of time before.....

"the fear that I would come home one day and
find you gone has turned into the pain of the

What will I do if it happens?

What will I do
now that it

just do what you think is right..
whatever it is you think will make you and your baby happy... then do it!!!
even though it will hurt you at first....
Thank you "wyteheart" for the wonderful time and nice thoughts. =) visit his site pls. click the link.

Come. Let's be HAPPY.
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