Palawan 7 Wonder of Nature

April 4 to 9, 2012
I am fucking so excited with my Palawan trip with Karen. It was indeed 5 days vacation over the Lenten Season. We departed from Manila by 12 noon and we encountered some delayed so we sounded Palawan by 2PM oredi. Lol.

  Cam Whoots

 Black dress from Karen's closet, Vigan souvenir cap-P100 (bought from Vigan itself.), Dark brown boots-P500, Heart necklace-P50 from Divisoria


Inside the bus going to the airport.

Fact: I've got my plane ticket with me since January and never give a look on the details. I just cling on Karen's idea that AirPhil was on Terminal 2. But when we almost in terminal 2 and open the ticket details I was like: "Oh the fucktard was written terminal 3!!" So we switched hurriedly from bus to taxi almost flying to Ninoy International Airport to avoid delayed wtf! Stress#1.

At the airport.

Oh yeah.

The Beauties.

Non stop cam whoring with the ghostly image on my background.


And my blog wont be complete without the flawlessness. 
The bootie.

I am so fucking hungry but the airport's food was so freaking expensive so I'd bought some donuts for me.

A piece for the diet me.


Then we met John Prats on the airport together with his family.

The flight got delayed for more than half an hour wtf! So we patiently waited.


Nice waiting area that's why it cost P200 for the terminal fee. Lol.

Yay! Our luggages.

The tired and the annoyed.


The Slimmer me. Lol.

Picture-ing myself wtf!

Actually been sweating all over the trip.Palawan's atmosphere is very humid.

A very good friend of Karen picked up us in the airport. He treat us to one of the best restaurant in Puerto, it's called Chow Long a Vietnamese kind of a restaurant. But the heck we waited for 3 fucking hours before they served our food. I can't recommend this kind of service if you are dying of hungriness you might kill the chef.

Despite of the fact that we had waited for almost a decade, we still enjoyed the cool and tropical ambiance.
 Rattan and wooden kind of food nest.

The patiently waiting nommers.

Having the time to cam-whore coz the order took ages.

Spicy chicken in Vietnamese soy sauce

Yeah, I ordered this spicy chix. The taste was superb I wanna fly! Worth waiting.

Coconut Noodle

Wealthy on his coconut noodles.



Me waiting on the car because Wealthy and Karen went back to the airport.

Here's the dumbest story during the day: After we sounded Puerto around past 1PM, karen whom the in-charge of our things neglected one of her bag. We didn't remember we had her red striped bag left in the airport. We waited for 3 hours for our food in the Vietnamese store, we finish lil chit-chat then later I'd noticed something is missing then there was the fucking bag. So we hurriedly get back to the airport. Fucking memory gap,thanks goodness the restaurant was only 10 minutes far from the airport. Luckily,we didn't let Puerto yet going to El Nido coz it's 6 hours travel far eh?

Then after we get back the said bag, we visited our hotel branch and pharmacy. 

The pretending buyer. lol.

The tourist-er. 

Our hotel branch.

Lounge area.

My favorite spot.

The witch. lol.

Meeting with the Front Officer, Sir Pao. He was so nice and accommodating he let us tour around the hotel.

Welcome juice


The big boss suite

More of no caption pictures  which I lazily skipped. ;)

The actress with her PA. Bad!!! Lol.

Unitop Palawan branch (Surveillance dept)

Heading to El Nido (The Catch-Me-Am-Inluv Place) 

Wealthy rode us to their home to leave some things.

Now the mother of Wealthy drove us to the nearest bus station going for a 6PM - 12:00AM trip.

Fare trip is P550 will take 6 hours -zigzag road.

Before leaving Puerto Princesa.

We reached El Nido exactly 1:00 AM and we are so fucking stressed and tiredness gave us a good sleep despite of the small room minus the electricity huaatttthefuck!!!! Yes entire evening until morning we don't have light my phone was almost drained and my internet signal isn't working too. Damn life!

 Aplaya, El Nido

The place where we stay -Ship Wreck.

Will trekk this rocky mountain the next time I go back to El Nido.

Having the nice breakfast here.

Hotel « La Salangane »
Serena Street,
Barangay Buena Suerte,
El Nido, Palawan
                                            Tél : (0063) 916 648 6994 - info@lasalangane.com

 My breakfast is a tortang talong (fried eggplant)

Karen's plate is a longsilog.

I need some tan.

Killing time purposes.

The Island Girl

Ms Hulk Hogan.

Happy Feet

A touch of Bob Marley restaurant

Getting ready for an island hopping. Meet new friend, Tattoo.

Here we go, dude!

Life is beautiful. Agree or what?

Helicopter Island.

Excitedly anticipating the snorkeling.

The power shield!


Simizu Island

The happy me. If you got sharp eyes you will see the fishes around me.

Now look how clear was the water and the fishes.


Feeding fish and the fish were lightly biting my hand I was like: "Oh dear God, thanks for the awesomeness!"

After I fed some banana on the fish, I was alone starving. Lol.

Look at the clear water, amazing!

Big Lagoon


 Entalola island. 

The white sand looks like sugar.

I am super in-love with the place.

Big shrimps

Sweet pineapples

Sweet mangoes.


Small Lagoon. As you can spot the small hole in the middle from it we enter and need to swim over 20 feet then after gasping some air you would be surprised of the wonderful scenes waiting for you in the inside, no camera is allowed though.

7 Commando Island

Crystal clear water.

I don't know what creature/ sea thing was this. Lol.

So we got to our hotel back and very happy. It was all fun and very memorable. I can totally say that Palawan was the number one so far in my heart when it comes to my vacation.

Aplaya, El Nido Palawan sunset.

The blog is all about me. Lol.

Oh, I love the tanner me.

Ok get over it. =)

After the tiring activity we have bonding together for the relaxation. Drinking beers on the beach. Wow!

At first, only five of us (including the camera man who took us the pic).

Not so high-jump! Lol.

With friend Easy.

Two good relatives of Karen.

The more, the merrier.

With Nimrod.

Ok stop! 

Now guys, I need to cut the blog entry to this point. There is a part II going back to Puerto Princesa, Palawan. Thanks to all who had been enjoyed and I am encouraging you to visit Palawan, it's a MUST!

Thanks to the nice people and new friendship I have created with upon visiting, exploring and enjoying Palawan. Special mention, Nimrod, Easy, Tattoo, and Novil our tour guide.
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