Palawan 7 Wonder (Part II)

Actually, I felt so bad because I was so freaking busy and lazy the same time. Yes, I admit this is a very belated post yet I need to share the awesomeness. Lol.

I am still in the Palawan delayed posting, SORRY!! This is the part II of my blog. Be with me.

On my nice flowery dress.

Tanner me. =)

Sinigang na baboy on lunch


Eating a few.

Moana hotel small bar.

The very inviting pool.

Just get up from bed about 6AM and ready to swim.

The fat ass...so I don't give a damn. Lol.


Of course, life too short I should enjoy.

If you come to Puerto, book yourself to Moana Hotel it's a small but nice place to stayed with and the staff are friendly. Of course, wi-fi is everywhere in the hotel.
Moana Hotel And Diving Center Palawan Phils.
Rizal Ave. Ext. Bancao-Bancao, Palawan 5300, Philippines

City Tour!

It sounds so excited yet felt like a kid somehow that i will be touring around the Puerto Princesa and like a student or something with a tour guide that will tell us the history of the said city wtf!

Prepared and organized my bed/room before going out.

Oh poor chicken and she lay egg. It's a luck sign to Easter Sunday. Lol.

Nice sitting area. It near the pool side.

Nice or what?

Here we go need to look around the city.

Here we go my limousine. WTF! This one is two doors lolol!


The historic Immaculate Conception Cathedral in Puerto Princesa.

Fact: (based on the research) Historically, the place was named after Princess Eulalia of Spain, born in 1864 to Queen Isabel II and her consort, Dr. Francisco de Asis. When the princess suffered an untimely death, the Queen changed the name to Puerto de la Princesa. Eventually, the name was reduced to Puerto Princesa as it is known today.

 Around the lil plaza.

The weather so nice to walk around.

Unitop Palawan branch.

Look how simple life here but I like it though. No pollution.

It's a MUST try, guys! Their food so cheap but delicious. It's located along the highway. 

Tapsilog P65.

Lugaw P25

Freaking hot my face turns so red wtf!

Pretending to buy some grilled chicken. Lol.

With Sharon who also pretends to be a customer wtf!

The touristers lol.

Bought a cap to copy Bruno Mars.

Of course, bought some accessories too.

Very cute and pinkish but didn't need it much so I never buy it. Lol.

I just bought a pair of yellow earring to matched my yellow shirt and it's only P10.

 These waters are the native habitat of a large oyster known as Pinctada maxima

 Then later our tour guide phone us to be ready on our city tour.

 Inside the van still on cam-whoring mode.

Our tour guide, kept on talking blah blah blah.

1st Destination --the lil plaza.

Hahaha! He was introducing the little plaza I was like "We had been here a while ago, come on let's go!" Then the other guest was looking so annoyed or something they wanna kick me out of the van. 
So, I better off my ass the van and pretend that I am so excited. 

Sharon, Karen and Me.


Just passed to the the Phil. Ports.

2nd point of destination: Plaza Cuartel

The entrance gate.

It said here, this old place had been the prison place of 150 US soldiers during the second world war in December 14, 1944. Few survived and had swim to the sea going to Iwahig which is currently a place to open prisoners. Later to further discuss about Iwahig because we are moving there.

A monument where the named of died soldiers listed on it. Feel creepy while reading.


My photo collection.

Looks like a teenage girl. 

This is the hole which made by the US Marine to escape from the enemy. They dig along the way up to the sea so they can survive.

Then we went to "tiange" just where the cheap/affordable stuff you find.

The sad face lol.

Dried butterflies

Cam-whoring inside the shop.

Shirt for P350

Let us go to IWAHIG!

Iwahig is an open prison and are thus not locked up within the colony. Here's the full details

Kinda excited and little chills on my bones imagining how the prisoners looks like or are they bad enough?Lol. Kinda afraid but curious eh? Open cell prison?? Wtf!

One of the awesome photo collection of mine. This is inside Iwahig colony. When I open the van this flower caught my breath away. I love it.

Here we go upstairs 

This is what I looked like becoming Iwahig prison princess.  

The inside selling area 

Prisoners on work station.

key chain personalized

Soldering iron made of art, nice or what?

Native and personalized stuff you can choose from.

Health Center

Me while super duper amazed with the prisoners great dance performance.


Me with the gang of prisoners wtf! 

Ok, I have a lil story while having this short trip to Iwahig. After the dance performance, one of the prisoner came to greet me, it was the guy on my left side (on his white cap). He told me: "You are so pretty, miss would you mind after my sentence I will find and look for you?" Damn, I was speechless only smiled on him. One of my friend, Sharon came to rescue me she was like: "Oh, if you still can get your freedom!" 

Crocodile Farm and Nature Park

Have you try eating some exotic food like sweet and sour crocodile, grilled crocky, or anything about crocodile dishes? If you wanna experience some mouth watering dishes, this place is a MUST try!

What about crocodile sisig? 

Nope, I didn't have the chance to experience the exotic moment coz the resto was closed, damn!

Greenery scene is always like coming back home.

Palawan Butterfly Garden

A lil history background.

Trying to capture the butterfly zipping some nectar.

So awesome!

What about a friendly scorpion on your hand? lol.

Millipedes - means thousands of feet but actually have between 50 to 150 pair of legs.

Walking Stick Plant

How sharp your eyes are? 

Some wild orchids.

Mitra's Ranch

Mitra's ranch is also known as little Tagaytay. 

Zip line is available in the ranch worth P550

Rancho Zipline

The zip point.

Baker's Hill

This place is very famous in Palawan one of the itinerary in city tour.

Marilyn Monroe


Can't get over with it. lol.

The fairy tale looking mansion it makes everyone "wowed" on it.

When I saw this set of flowers, I was like " Ei, picture me here...pleaseeeeee!" wtf!

Some fancy restaurant.

Bond with close friends

Before we go home after the long city tour trip, some of our friends invited us for a beer bonding.

The beer mates

They're drunk and I am not. Teeheehee!

The three suspicious looking.

The cousin of Sharon -- i forgot his name

We smiling so naughty coz the guy who took this picture said: "Ok, reedy!" Instead of a "ready" pronunciation if you get what I mean. If not then never mind.

Take two!!! Everyone is yelling "One moreeeee!" 

Final --take three!

After 10pm, we leave the place and went to the fish ponds of one of our friend. The guy in the gray shirt with the round bag on his body. Apparently, forget his name too wtf!

We do motorcycling trip going to his place so fun!  

Beating the hip-hop music on his own bar. 

Young generation.

End of the bond.

Last day- relaxation day!

The day before I leave Palawan was so damned boring.

April 9-- Going back to Manila!

In the terminal. Can you spot where Karen is?

It's so nice looking on the tv monitor around the airport's terminal while viewing the promotion of our company -- The Unitop!

Before taking goodbye to Puerto Princesa -- one last pix.

Airphil Express is one of the cheapest flight around Philippines. Get a book now! Free ads. Lol.

Cam-whoring non-stop.

Showing you guys the "What to do steps" note because we are seated in the EXIT side window.

Showing you the cute flight steward. ~Wink!

He is so damn cute!! Agree or what?

We should have stop/stranded for a while because of some planes queuing.

Oh, missing the Palawan already. Sober.

As I am looking on the island disappearing on my eyes I told myself, " Yes, I am going back to you."

Until I saw clouds.. then I sigh.

And then I closed my eyes... remembering those good memories. 

I kept coming back to Manila. Oh yeah!

Sounded Manila safe and well.

I have learn a lot of with this Palawan trip, among of all my trip inside Philippines this one is so far the top one. I can say that I will keep on coming back here and planning to book before this year end. I gain a lot of friends, good friends perhaps and memories I kept smiling when I remember of those. Next time, I am gonna take my full island tour including the Underground River of Palawan.
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