Rainy Days in All Days!

It's rainy season in Philippines! Starting June I do expected it will be a rainy days because I never had a sunshiney birthday during this month. We all fond of being lazy or staying crumpled in bed sheet in a rainy day mode.

Despite of rain drops over my head, I still wanna go and create some nice moments ahead.

I was like teasing and smooching her around, she was so giddy.

She can't start eating her cheese burger coz I was being too cheesy with her. Haha!

You're more than a crispy french fries to me! Yums!

My very own black African girl.

More Love!

What's inside our Wendy's box?

We brought home a bacon burger and french fries for John. We left him home because he was grounded for some reasons as part of his punishment. With a minus on his allowance too.

Bebe girl.

She was so happy with her cute and tiny umbrella-ella-ella in this rainy season. Lol.

Cutier and chic-er black girl on earth.

After we ate, we planned to watch some 3D movie and Sydney was so excited. Yet her level of happiness falls down when I'd changed my mind and cancelled the date. I have explained to her that we can't be enjoying some movie in the absence of her brother. She easily nod and told me, "Yes mum, even he's hard headed he should be watching a Spidey movie." And I have hugged her so tight, what a thoughtful lil sistah!

Braver Sydney

I am gonna watch this film all by myself. Har har har!

Before going home. =)

Photo Updates:
Sydney on her donuts n' dip

She grown up so beautiful. Looks like me? Haha! Hmm, more on her father side, of course.


Another Update!!
Yesterday, it was another rainy Sunday. It was so damn bored spending a life alone in the apartment while everyone was on their family. Yes, I didn't go home to Cavite due to heavy rain. I put a cup of coffee and neglected it to be cold. I was like staring on a blank television, everything was perfectly so bored. So despite of heavy rain, I went out. And more of that I have enjoyed some walkathon from Binondo to Tutuban, Divisoria. Hmm, what an exercise in between rain.

I have brought some nice stuff for my mother. And got my hair done pampered a little while in Jun L. Encarnacion Beauty Shop and Salon, located in Tutuban Recto, Manila.

Cellophane for P350

Trimmed hair. The fat lady working on me was so nice.

Before paying and go!

The Tutuban Mall in Divisoria. Looks like an ancestral house than a mall itself.

I am blogging soon the Cebu take two trip if my pocket will allow me. Lol. In August edition.

In God we trust.
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