Ancestral Beauty of Vigan

Haven't been active in blogging. I am active in sleeping. Lol. So I wanna prove how lazy my ass to blog this old trip to Vigan, Ilocus Sur during the grand day of my close friends, Willianne and Sonny Martinez nuptial.

I thought I have blog about this grand day but damn. While I am checking the archives I was like oh em gee.

So here we go. Maybe I wanna show you some nice photos but not deliberately tell the whole story because this was very late almost 8 months ago. Lol!

We traveled for 8 to 9 hours. We left Manila by night and approached Vigan by early morning. It was tiring yet enjoyable especially the sight seeing.

We booked to one of the nicest hotel in Vigan -- The Gordon Hotel. The kids was excitedly jumping in bed. They were screaming for joy. After the long trip, the bed was inviting to comfort us.

Sonia with daughter and me with mine. Haha!

My precious Sydney.

Happy Sydney and Sophia. Sonia and Gina on the background.

Cute or cuteness? Lol.

I swear, everything I have seen in Vigan was ancestral. The road was like old picture of Spanish time. The culture was so neat and conservative. It was clean and fun you can inhale-exhale in an open-clear air compare to Manila. And the stuff around the hotel was very nice. Antique in beauty. 

Antique closet

Antique mirror.

Everything comes in an antique wood.

Their toilet was so spacious and clean.

Taken in evening.

Then we fall asleep with a big smile of comfort.


Now we are all excited for the grand time, the most awaited moment. The wedding day.
The wedding church

The very beautiful bride, Willianne Rose.

Here comes the bride.

The beautiful couple.

I was teared eyes while in between the mass. The couple are both close to me. They were my office mates and they have proved each other how they survived and made their dreams come true.

Beautiful girls.

Wishing to have my own DSLR camera. Lol.

My Sydney.

The wedding ends well. 

Ms Elvira Lopez with the hubby.

The 10 Commandments in Ilocano version

Reception Area.
The food served was superb, very delicious and very organized yet some MC's during the time was kinda lazy or should I say not really good in handling some activities. Lol.

A couple of birds.

Wish to walk here. :-P

Chocolate fountain

Kids favorite

Watermelon dripped on chocolate with mallows on tops.

My loveliness.

TLC (Tender love and care)

The couple approaching.

Everyone was cheering and happy.

Drinking of wine.

The family.

white balloons

The light.

Shana and Sydney

Eating time.
The food was perfectly good.

All ends well. We leave the new couple with a smile on their heart.

Midnight Shop Along Vigan.
So we never really got a tired feet. We went outside to enjoy midnight shopping along the area. Everything was so rightly for us. We all excited and there's a lot of foreign shoppers whom go along with us too.

Now let us go.

My little daughter.

Loves the new hair clip stolen from my Sydney. Teeheehee.

Now let us enjoy some photo session.

She was trying. Lol.

And they were.

Too cute!!

Both kids are enjoying their cam-whoring session.

 Truth, they'd modelling the chairs furniture. Wahaha!

Stairway to cuteness.

The sisters. Lol. (It looks like a tele novela series or some kind of soap opera photo)

The hotel outside view

Then we went our assess out to shop!
The ancestral ambiance. Very nice!

The busy midnight shoppers.

We let the kids tripped along the down town using the "Kalesa" or horse drawn carriage.

As I have remembered, it charged only P40 per head touring around the city.

Happy me.

Obviously, I am running out of caption. WTF!

Looks so creepy. Right or what?

Sleeping time.

The kids are not yet sleepy. Play on the go!

I can't sleep too. Busy on my photo art.

take two.

DAY THREE. (The going home.)

I felt so kinda sad leaving Vigan. Truth, I was fallen in love with the place and the trace. I think I need to visit this place once again. This time with someone so close. Lol.

We woke up so early like 5:45AM and have our breakfast in the hotel. I was amazed the kids was so organized and never had trouble upon preparing themselves.

Still alive!

Beautiful fan.

Blurry snap.

I'd ordered the Vigan's special longganisa. So yummeh!

Tender juicy tocino.

Beef Steak with salty egg.

After the heavy breakfast, we moved back to Manila and shop along the street of Vigan.

Playing and cam-whoring along the trip.

I love you so much, Sydney!

Some Vigan nice stuff.
Stone made decorations.


The famous basil of Vigan.

Sukang Buko (the native vinegar)

The actual making of their jars and some decor.

One of their hand made small jars.

 And big ones.

The kalesa

As we drove along, we have been fascinated with the Subic baw view sea. So we sneak to took a pic.

With Sophia.

During this time, Sydney was asleep so I didn't wake her up. We assume to enjoy a little bit until we never noticed the time and Sydney wake up screaming my name. Gosh, sorry bebe.

There left the poor Sydney.

Kissed her a lot to make her comfort.

This one made her so pee. Haha! Sorry.

Thus, a long story to share with. Someday, I will be going back to Vigan and further more, what made me comes back was the originality of their preserved culture that made visitors fascinated.

I love you, Vigan!

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