Another Rainy Moments

I wonder how to comfort myself. Last July 31, I was inviting my friends to come and join me watch some good movie but out of 5 peeps I have invited all refused. Lol. But never bothered to force them or something, it was just a nice approached to invite but not sincerely. Muahaha! I used to go out OBAMAself!

I would like to watch the Batman movie yet hesitant as I am still thinking the string of shooting incidents happened in Aurora, Colo so scary I don't want to experience the "Dark Night ..err Knight" moments and yes I am too exaggerated, thank you.

Second choice, I wanna watched "The Expendables" yet it's not yet showing --coming soon.

Some films are local which I don't like. So, I've bought "The Dictators" ticket.

The cam addict.

The Dictator ticket for P200. Sorry, it's blurry. Damn cellphone.

The movieghosters, ehem moviegoers.

I thought the film was a waste of money and time. But it was indeed a funny and naughty movie. I was like laughing till I die on my seat. It was a story of dictatorship and indeed a very nice movie.

The Dictator is a 2012 comedy film co-written by and starring Sacha Baron Cohen.

 When it comes to originality and witty thoughts, this movie is a two thumbs-up! Applause!

But it was three thumbs-down when I am about to go home, it was the heavy rain and scary wind waiting outside the mall. I was trapped and can't go home it was flood everywhere. So I've walked like a showered poor chick from SM, Manila to Sta Cruz church.And another damn incident, there was this FX vehicle passenger who does flipped up the car door carelessly without looking on the outside passers by. I was hit on my arm until now it's swollen! Freaking experience.

Sta Cruz bridge

end of story -_- 

Rainy Dinner in Phat Panda!

Yesterday, August 01 first Wednesday of the month, the usual Novena day. I went to lit some candle and prayed for my beloved. After waiting for Carlyn, we went for a dinner in Phat Panda Fastfood I have blog this post already HERE!

The dinner was only P270 good for two peeps or can be three if both eat like a chicken.

Butter Chicken

Beef Steak

And a plate of shanghai rice but I dunno why I can't post the photo it said "lost in connection". 

That was the tremendous rainy day moment and more soon. The typhoon Gener going gone to Taiwan. 

Salam, muslim readers!

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