A New Seed

I am travelling into a different life.
A life I never imagined.
I was confused.
I was scared.
But then again, this crystal tear,
made me braver.

Now I was overwhelmed.
A life that could make me change.
To hold and to trust.
Faith that made me strange.

Yes, this wasn't me anymore.
For little one that give me a new hope.
A life that I could dear.
Simple happiness that was so sincere.

Looking into the bright side.
A rainbow that I could spell it right.
Hope to spread it wings,
For a new joy that life could bring.

~the new jenny

On my new journey

** Last August post! Later after the battle of joy begins. Thanks for the freedom, Lord.
I have realized that life so beautiful when you learn to loved the most simple and humble way. Amen. 
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