Fire Attack!

Ding Dong!

Any bloggers home? Lol.

Well, I am back! But not to "normally" blog about food or any of my trips. I just thought to update some of a few "fire" experience happened to me yesterday .. that was Feb 07.

Yeah, I know you will understand my laziness this past days .. err months of being not so active due to the bumpy condition, alrighty?

Everyday of my life except Sunday, I used to woke up so early in the morning like 4:40. Because I need to prepare my food and some stuff and I hate waiting like a decade for me to take a shower to my room mates.

So, this is how the lil story goes. :-P

While on my bed I was looking on my neighbor's window I was wondering why does so much "red lights" on their room. Curiously staring, I can't really figure out the "red" glow because the glass window was closed. So I assumed maybe they got high passion in red bulbs. And I looked down the street everything was so calm and quite yet.

After 10 minutes of shower, yeah that's correct --10 minutes that was how fast I am. Lol. I'd looked back again on the window yet the "red lights" on my neighbor's window was now bigger. And I was caught by the panicking attention of an old man down street. OMG! FIRE!!

I'd immediately door phone the guard on duty on our building and ask for a help. And I hurriedly woke up all my room mates which still sleeping on their ass. And I'd run fast to other room mates stairs up to fourth floor. Before I knew it, I was so tired. Damn, I am not really panicking yet the feeling of looking the dark smokes coming out the window of our neighbor it was scary.

 I've got some photos but it was too late to capture the big smoke. Sigh.

Some fire men.

Having a hard time to come in need to break some window glass.

windows with steel.

Firemen does it well.

More rescuers coming for a help. =)

Thank you dear firemen! Applause!

Ok! Until here the story end.


Heaven was 7 months and 14 days oredi!

 Coming out soon.

I guess only my tummy came big but me still remains fit with sleepless night of course.

God bless you peeps!

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