Phat Panda Fastfood

It's Heart Day!

Last night, we just took some simple dinner date to celebrate our first Valentine moments.

Err, planning to make it more memorable but my tummy can't get through enough of walking. So we had it nearest our place.

It's my 3rd time actually eating in Phat Panda and until now I can say it was like eating in your own home. The food was so simple yet delicious and take note, a budget pocket friendly too.

And oh, sorry for the blurry images I have no digicam it's taken from Samsung Corby phone. =)

Waiting ...

Making ourselves quite busy with our empty stomach. Lol.

Lonely empty plates.

Hmm... which one..? 

Beef with cauliflower.

Butter chicken

Shrimp fried rice

Cam-whoring before we eat. =)

Take 2. Lol.

I am on diet.. harharhar!

Showing his on diet too but no, John Oliver actually finished all. Lol.

Dinner done! Wifi-ing thru my mobile searching for our next food trip. Hope my tummy still carry on. =)

Before anything else, last year I have celebrated my Valentines together with my friends and I've found something....an old photo when John O and me was still good friends.

It was an old blog though. Click here.

Do some reservation guys.
Phat Panda Fastfood
504 Bustos Street Santa Cruz
Manila Philippines
Telephone Number:

A snap pic from their website. Yummy Phat Panda!

God bless you all! Kisses!
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