36 Weeks of Blessing

Welcome back, readers!

I can't believe it, tomorrow 14th of March I will be on my 9 months already!

During my son's stage (my first bebe), I've delivered him only 8 months which almost brought him to incubator. But big thanks to God, he didn't go on that crucial stage. It was because I've been roaming to shop the whole day I didn't realized it will took complicated things. And during my daughter's stage, I''ve delivered her only 8 months and 2 weeks. And same reason, I was on my shopaholic moment when it happened. So now, I guess I must double careful because it will happen same if I stress myself once more.

And it's true, I am reaching my full stage of completing 9 months and hope I can reach my 36 weeks plus 13 days more before the holy Thursday of March 28. Big smile!

Some photos here to explode! Haha!

Va-va-Voom!! The healthy bouncing ball with Sydney. Lol.

She was more excited than me coz she will be the great "Ate" of our baby.

Alexander will be again a "Kuya". Hope this time, he will turn mature enough. Lol.

That's all for today. I feel so lazy lah! 

God bless peeps! Cheers.

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