The 'Lil Comic Story 6

My (7) months journey

Aloha, my dear readers! Thanks God it's Friday!

I was confused, my bebe JB will be celebrating her nearest 8 months journey. It shows how lazy kind of a mom was me because I am on my late seven months entry still?! -_-

Well, it's better late than nothing. Lol.

Complaints are not allowed this time.


Before anything else, I can smell the spirit of Christmas already. Apparently, I wasn't feeling good enough this couple of weeks due to cough and colds. I can't stand longer the breezy air. It made me sick. Huhuhu...

Did you prepare for a gift not yet? I have my gifts ready for my kids now. But no gift yet for the kids at heart. Sad but my budget wasn't friendly these year of water snake eh?! I dunnooooo whyyyyy.....!

I wish nothing for my gift. I have best gift -- my kids!

But to make it particular, my 2013 best ever gift was my baby daughter. And this will be her first time joining us. Her first Christmas in life.

My Beautiful Gift

2012, I never expected I will carry a humble 'lil life on my tummy. I never ask for it but God gave me. It is a great blessing. From this moment of my life, it was a good feeling kissing my precious gift.

TADAH! It's her, wrapped with the smell of an angel from heaven.

JB: "Err, mome another drama epic entry? Duh.." (nom nom nom)


JB: " Ei mome, did you put something on my food? It taste so funny."

Ahem, you're too cute 'lil girl but duh, it's the 'normal' cereal.

JB: " Whaatttt!! But err... It's the pinky flakery..snowman-ey, candy caney.. dolphin-ey thingy..?!"

Oh yeah my baby, it's super yummy right? Eat it or I will eat you. Lol.


And the poor terrified baby forced to finish it.

The wrapped baby gift end with a tired-sleepy look.

JB: "Happy holiday to us. Cheers."


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