You Are 12 Man!

Hmmm... Oh well, now my first child is truly a big man now I was very overwhelmed with the idea of having him 12 years of blessing. I have remembered very clear when God first brought him with me while I was in the hospital, groggy and ugly lol. The doctor didn't gave him to me on his first day of born because he will be examined due to less-sugar..sounds like that. I admit I was jobless during the pregnancy of my son. I can't buy the food I was craving and something like you abandoned good things haha! Well, it's true.

Going back to reality now that he was a grown man, I am so happy and proud that I was able to raised him like a good son sometimes he is stubborn yet I guess is normal for the period of adjustment in this age? Hmm, does your kids acting crazy too in their 12 years? I have remembered my mom told me that I was the shy type kid in this age. Lol.

Note: Sorry for the blurry images I have hard times contrasting photos.

It's your day, son!

I wish to buy cake but my son refused. So I guess J.Co Doughnut will be best. And 12 candles! Yey!

My winning bihon for long life celebration.

Ice cream and drinks.

They were all amazed lightning the 12 candles. Haha!

Ok kids, picture please. Ei, JB is still amazed. Lol.

Make your wish Kuya Alek.

I want a bike!! OK, wish granted!

Blow now, Bebegim.

Dear Son,

 I know you are 12 now. I wish you a good health and more happiness. You are in between childhood and of course being a small man. I knew sometimes I spanked you but I only wanted to disciplined you it doesn't mean that I don't love you because God the Holy knows how much I loved you until my last breath. You are the first man that I can tell giving my only life to make you feel happy no matter what. Together with you sisters, I am loving you all.

Love, Mommy

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