The Mount Samat (Day One Outing)

March 28, 2015 (Company Outing)

There we go another late post.

Sneak Photo (lol)

What you wanna know? It's about Mount Samat, guys!

Let me begin in some wikipedia.

Mount Samat is a historic mountain in the town of Pilar, Province of Bataan, Philippines.

Mount Samat National Shrine is near located, a national shrine dedicated to the fallen Filipino and American during World War II. 

Ask what? More? Ok, click parasitic cone

As early as 5:30 (call time) from Binondo, Manila we arrived late to the province of Bataan like past 10:00 AM oredi. Going there was like going to Baguio City. The road going up actually to Mount Samat is a never ending snake. Yup, vomiting and drowsing is exactly you will feel going up.

But wait, the mountain view will be your prize gift.

Let us begin the tour: (5:30AM, Binondo)

With Marissa, Cherry and Kim. (Got shadow on my face, gee!)

Don't forget to eat breakfast.

While on the bus also don't ever be afraid of selfie-ing.

I am feeling so innocent here. Haha!

And if you like to get tons of photos, be sure to get your best camera mate ok?

With Anna Jean.

I'd rather think to make nice collage that posting all the stuff, will make you bored eh?

All I can say that Anna is the non-stop camera buddy to get along with. I have oredi deleted some pictures it exploding on her camera. Lol.

After the sluggish trip, here we go Mount Samat with all the breath-taking views.

So crispy in everywhere it almost burns our skin.

Our bus.

The welcome.

Sorry blurry, McFlurry! :-P

I don't own a professional camera. I don't even have one. Maybe I am not good in taking photos yet I love doing it. Maybe some photos will appreciate my hobby?

Some nice flower. Looked like a drop bell. I dunno the name.

 Cam-whoring with the flower.

Is it marigold? Nice.

I am taking this pic on top! Actually there's a short road over there. See.

 This is where I've standing up to took the previous pic.

Even everything is humid yet the views will entice your eyes.

Very cool.

Road to heaven.

Some nice flower again.

The way going up to the big cross. Yes, walking up!

I need to burn some calories this idea is very nice.
Up and away!

Wow, the amazing cross.

Some rose. Minus Jack. Hehe.

I think editing pics made me blurry. Hahaha!


I promised you will catch your breath in every step you made.

This photo is really cloudy. Simply because we are on top. No edit here, promised.

 With Jane, Anna Jean and Ronald

The Mount Samat Shrine.

We are on top of the world!! I guess I've broke my ass. Lol.

At last, I have landed the top of the cross and another views to take photos.

Hiding myself to the sun.

The entrance going up (elevator) to the cross.

Yes, we will be riding an elevator to pass through the top of the cross. The elevator is inside the body of the big cross itself!

Read it for yourself.


Then we go up to the top of the cross. About 3 minutes...
It was so cool above. The breezy air will make you feel sleepy.

Wow! Did you see what I see?! It will double the fun to jump down--> of course with a rope.

Comfortably cam-whoring.

And of course before we back down or landed (lol!) more selfie-ing!

Deleted those tons of photos that exposes more of our faces. And selected the best.

Last pile of pictures. Groupie.

With Shiela, Kriz, Charm and Anna.

 Bye ya' all!

Then everyone gone.
Except us!

The elevator is loaded. We are left behind our asses.

More fun!

Soon to blog the Bataan Resort (Part Two)

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