JB's 2nd Bdae Celebration

When you are celebrating your own kids birthday party, the feeling is overwhelming and fulfilling. The emotion is very warm while you are looking on how happy they were while on their big day. And of course, as a mother it's an achievement. Having your baby being healthy and beautiful is another happiness for us mothers. Now I thought mother's care is endless. Until now, I am still looking for my mom's care. Who doesn't? Applause to all mothers who take good care of their child 24/7, without limit and boundaries. Only overflowing love. Applause to all kids who loves back their kind mothers. God bless them all.

And now, I am so happy that my over loaded with cuteness daughter JB is now on her 2 years of milestone. I only wish good health and more happiness with her. And more ChuChu TV series too.

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Happy Bdae, Tinker Bell ahem -- Jewel Blake!

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03/30/2013 was so fast! Now you're 2!!

Yet on your big day, we are having a hard time keeping you a good photo because you've got tantrums.
Yes, because you forgot to take a nap -- all you do was play all day long.

Thank you, Dear God for bringing 'lil JB on our lives. Kuya Alek and ate Nene was so happy being with you. Even sometimes you are so hard headed and keep spanking us. Mostly, you are so sweet and fill us with your sweet small kisses and 'lil hug.

This is the face that we kept on loving you. 

Even you're so stubborn and kept on spanking us sometimes we thought spanking you back. Lol!

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But no, because you are our own soft love..our jewel.

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So this is your party, and ours too!! Harharhar!

How can we blow your cake you don't want to detached yourself to mommy? 

And you're so heavy.... aaarrgghhh!!! Whew!
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I hope all the kids who attends the party had their great day.

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 This is the moment when we are having tough time to catch you, JB.

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Well, this time your uncle Mark catch you in his arms.
"Gotcha, don't fly high!" Hehe!

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Oh please JB, cooperate!

Kids enjoying. Err, sorry the camera is having a hard time too.
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Ei, big boy!

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JB with Uncle Mark, cousin Echo and of course Mama dear.

And the party ends well. Everyone eats well. 

Now Mama has all the time to giggled with JB.

OOpsS, sorry another blurry love.

Grand daughter with Granny.

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End of post.

And the rest is history.

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credit: cute-factor
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