Citismash Badminton Center

Looking for fun or outdoor activity? This one I'll recommend. It's not only enjoyable yet it will burn your excess fats the same time. Lol. Take your friends and bond together! Healthy wise!

After office, my friends have decided to have some fun. They were scheduled to play in Citismash at around 6PM. I guess you need to call/book first before you go and play because it's hard to reserve a court especially on week nights.

It's only walk-away from our area so it's more fun walking along with my girlfriends.

 Taken around 6:30PM

 Citismash Badminto Center Badminto Court
#931 Zacateros Street, Sta. Cruz, Manila
(near corner T. Alonzo St.)

Me on shoe selfie.

I really wanted to have an activity like this because I am too way fat now!
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I can take it no more!

After I gave birth 2 years ago and gosh I know that's too long for postpartum  depression with regards my stubborn belly fats, I guess I will change my lifestyle from now. 

See you guys next soon I will blog about food tripping again. Haha! This crazy crocodile on my tummy needs more patience and perseverance. Don't worry I will show you that I can be sexy next time. Lol.

How about fat pairs?
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That's pretty hot.

 My friends. 

After I've played I guess I have loss one pail of sweat and loss my right arm too. Too tired but happy.

Chicken! I think I've loss some pound. Lololol!
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I need to loved this tummy part. Haha! We love our curves and we are proud of it.
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I think I need Belo, (the famous surgeon of stars) to get rid of fats faster.

An hour of playing badminton is enough so it's really not bad this time. It's goodminton oredi.

Dinner is ready!

Then I declare martial law! I should be strict on what I am eating. Less rice, less soda...

Hello, Mr Ube! I missed you that is why I came back. Lol.

See my prev post on Mr. Ube. 

And of course we ordered our all-time favorite.

The Ube Siopao.
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It says, "Masaya Mabusog Dito". 


Ok guys, see you again!

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