Family Time

After a three months of spending time with my kids without failure 24/7, I felt and realized it was never been an easy career of being a full time mother of my two great kids.

When I was still working from a simple office, I've always felt unpaid because I was like living with a deep hole in my heart. I am working 8 hours, 5 days in a week then after a usual payday to convince myself that I was satisfied of course, NO!

Now, after a couple of months for this "long vacation" I thought that it will end only after settling with my Baby. I am just waiting for the coming "confirmation" of his application abroad.

June 20, 2010 was simple and really a great family time. I turned 31 years older but still look young as far as I am concerned. Lol. I have loaded a couple of photos for you guys to see what I am talking here. :-)

Wow! Yummy-licious choco-Cake, a gift from my sweet-tempting sister in- law. Even she was busy the whole time yelling at my niece yet she managed to bought some cake and Jollibee crispy chicken. Yum!

Yay! The small party wasn't starting yet Kate's small hand begins to steal the marsmallow of my cake.

We're ready, not to eat but to take tons of photos! Here with my son and daughter and of course, my older sister, Joy.

It was one of my happiest birthday moments but I wish I can spend more Bdae together with our parents and other siblings.

Roar! The Bdae Monster! Hahaha!

Time to slice!

Nom nom nom!

The other cake monsters. Waahaahaa!

And a tons of happy photos/moments below. I can't type anymore because the little Sydney and Kate madly dancing with the tune of Boom Boom Pow of Black Eyes Peas.

Pretty poise with my two trophies. Mad cute, ehem!

It was like a Colgate Toothpaste models, huh? Only Kate seems so serious, eh?

Trying to pose like a slut which turns my Baby react like " Eww.. Landi!" Hahaha! Never to try that anymore. He loves me even I won't act like a bombshell.

It was noticeable that my face reaction is visibly happy and contented surrounded by people I loved most, of course my FAMILY.

I wanna thank my beautiful sis-in-law, Natz without her my birthday will not turned out so happy like this. Thanks to my sibling, Gideon whom so far yet so near by sending gift (DKNY Be Delicious Perfume), thanks to baby Kate whom so cute and very "makulit", thanks to my Ate Joy, whom visited to spent some nice moments with us, my kids John Alexander and Sydney Chinenye because without you little tykes, I will never be a grateful mother. And last, but not the least, my soulmate Carlo Junne because without you we can't eat nice food. Hahaha! (a very good cook!) Kidding aside, thank you Baby because of your time, effort and unconditional love I still value the meaning of a true love that comes from a man.

I have tried to discourage you not to loved me back yet you're still here with us through rainy and shiny weekends. That I must believed on your birthday wish for me, Happiness!





Happy Birthday to me!!! yipee!

“Life is full of beauty. Notice it. Notice the bumble bee, the small child, and the smiling faces. Smell the rain, and feel the wind. Live your life to the fullest potential, and fight for your dreams.”

- Ashley Smith
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