Simple Life

My life was so simple, I couldn't ask for more. Except, I am still looking forward to build good future for my kids.

God gifted me one of a kind people. I have a good man with me. He accepted for who am not, not only for what I am. Most of all, he was so supportive in both ways. The only thing I could only ask from my guy was a simple house where we can build a new family. Yes, soon it was all in his book of life. :-)

He wasn't the father of my two kids. But I never hide because I wanna be transparent in all aspect of our relationship. He loved me and most I am thankfully enough that he loved my kids.

I asked so many times from God, that He would give a man who will understands, loves my kids and can be a soulmate I longer searched. Then, it was! I am so blessed and very happy enough with my baby.

How nice to have a very good-handsome son. He was 7 years of age and a very smart-small guy yet it was normal that kids with these age was sometimes stubborn, eh? Thank you, dear God that I have a son of sweet mind that kisses me and says "i love you, mommy" before we go to sleep.

Ahh, I always smile whenever I kissed my cute daughter. I remember how I was fascinated with her looks when she was born. She was half Nigerian - Chinese - Filipino blood. I am so proud of her. She was so talented she knew some ABC's already at her young age of 1 year and 10 months. She knew how to express herself and a very behave little-shy girl. I am now seeing the future where she was on stage dazzling with stars of fame. hahaha! Crazy dreamer mom I was.

Whatever my kids will choose for their future path, I will always guide and give them my full support. I only pray that they will never face much pain like what I gone through when it comes to love.

Ahem! Before things will come emotional, I wanna share some nice photos of my lovely kids. Sorry, my cellphone camera wasn't good enough to catch the exact moment of my photos. Blurry but very sweetie!

My kids while chillin' up watching movie. So cute of them eh?

My daughter Sydney, checking her wound that appears so mad ugly on her right leg.

I wanna get more and more picture of her beautiful eyes because I was so amazed of those eyes!

See, I am strongly weak of being too in-love of my Sydney's eyes lah!

Now, this one is taken when we visit one of my kind "friendship", the godmother of my daughter.

The sleepy sheep before we go to bed. She was actually reciting her prayer here.

Oh, thank you dear God for giving me this two angels that made my life sweeter and meaningful.

Thank you, for the Love and Peace that evolved within my Life now.

Most of all, thank you for the endless blessings that comes and pour and also for the trials that made my life stronger and tougher everyday.

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