Unbarred Smile

No need for us to spoil our happiness just because of something or someone which will only cause us stress and worst misery. Unless it was worth to cry for, right eh?

I knew how busy you are doing something nice for yourself, rendering your equal time for your demanding boss, having pleasure with your good friends, or maybe just doing nothing at all.

Whatever is that, I just wanna share some precious moments and pure smile of my love ones. I thought it was worth published though. If it is not for you, well then surely for meeh!

Quality time. Thinking way back, I used to be neglectful with my own family time especially on my little tykes. But now, I got it 24/7 which assumes not to be permanent and cause only a lil bit of delay. Phew!

As a result, of course a golden memories.

How about that? One day it rain so hard but nothing can stop the bond with my wet flip flops. Hehe. Mad cool!

Just what you're thinking exactly! Planning to get inside with this very small door? Naah!

Bloody heavy! The weight of Kate or what? Obviously, not to mention enough.

My wonderful "Sistah-in-Loh". Weeheehee. On a lighter note, her was a kind of obsessed about going somewhere or anywhere she thought will amazed us. Awesome!

Perfect Trio!

Her cuteness, no need to elaborate. =)

Blending of color, bloody cute!

How about going "Tiangge"? It was pretty serious to saved when you go out and buy something for your kids. We are all cheap-stuff fanatic, admit it. Last Wednesday, we decided to blew our boredom out of our shell.

toy balloon = P20, water gun = P35 but when you buy 3pcs assorted toys it's only 3 for P100.

Kate's kiddie star shade = P35 (comes with hairclip and tie), Naty's smile = Free, pushcart = free of charge and of course, Sydney's smile = Priceless! ^.^

Tired man! Better go home.

Time for Mama Kate to nap her baby. :D

Ahem, finished! Time to burp the baby.

Now, maybe her baby needs some rest.

What I mean is rest... not rest in peace .. the baby doll is dead on the floor.

Night comes. Before we go our tired bed, sometimes or maybe more often, we do some nasty and silly photo session. The founder, of course the very makulit, Alek my son.

I can't help but gagged. Really, can not imagined freaky things.

Alek instructing the lil ladies how to strike a pose.





What a smile... hehehe!

That was so fun! Another shelf of my memories. Soon to update more of photo loads. =)

Since you get more joy out of giving joy to others, you should put a good deal of thought into the happiness that you are able to give.

- Eleanor Roosevelt

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