Assorted Pleasure

Yes! I knew I am very idle when it comes of blogging but who cares?

I am happy, delighted, pleased and glad. Phew!
The above adjective words means all the same, don't teach me, idiot! lol!

Well, I just wanna have fun and I am having it. Here's some tons of photos in different place/date taken. Enjoy! :)

Note: A blog after blog post due to urgency of carelessness.


During our food trip to Mall of Asia.

The must-try Seafood Pasta! Very nice.

If you wanna be super stronger like Popeye the Sailorman then here's yummie spinach for you.

Hmm, what about spicy lovers like me? This one for us if you wanna punished your tongue with burning sensation of mouth watering chicken spice-sweet-sour veggies.

After getting filled to utmost capacity of life's goodness then a refreshing watermelon and milk shakes for a bottoms up!


Let us start "Roar!" lol.


Stomach intact after the super nice supper.

By the way, check other specialties of Harbor View must have to serve your plate.

Harbor View is located at South Gate A, Rizal Park (beside Ocean Park), Manila with telephone nos. 524-1532. Harbor View Bistro is at Building F, San Miguel By The Bay (behind Mall of Asia), Pasay City with telephone nos. 556-4953, 710-7309, and 09219808008.

We dragged ourselves to the bay view of Mall of Asia obviously to weigh down our tummy.

Chasing after my very "kulit" niece Princess Kate.

Self-centered cam whore. Hehe.. :D

First Timers

First time is always been the most remembered. It was been the most exciting moment of our life, right? We forget somethings but never the first event. You can't deny the fact that first impression never last. So, plan your first moment filled with long lasting memories.

This is the first time bonding of my kids and their cute cuz kate. Far from behind my handsome son, Alek. Center, my own Rihanna version, of course my awesome daughter Sydney. Front, the chubby cute niece of mine, Kate.

Then share your own "first time" moment. I knew what you're thinking...hmmm...next blog pls..

Ok, guys! Now, I guess I have gained peace of mind after sorting some important details of my life. Maybe, planning for a better future or what?! For now, I got no idea because I don't wanna think about it. Hahaha!

Well, I can truly say that the best part of my life was I am blessed with good people around me. I got a great family, beautiful kids, and of course a special person that inspires me to do life more better, laid-back and stay with my feet on the ground.

I got tons of "Peekture" but as usual so lazy to update my blog on this stuff. I will try next time around. It's August already, yipee! My daughter's 2nd Bdae is coming next month, though. Hmm... let us see then.

Hohoho! Four months to go more, Santa!

Be happy because I am. If the person you got to loved faithfully doesn't even care for your feelings then go and do NOT think twice to fuckin' leave him. Anyone deserves a faithful love even the beggar or the smallest parasite on earth. Wohoho! I am just happy that I finally kicked the Fucktard out of my life! He was the most inconsiderate creep that stole my heart but doesn't even deserve my forgiveness. If you're my close friend then you knew who I am talking about.

Time to go now. Hope you enjoy a beautiful life. Just boils down more Courage.

“Watching you walk out of my life does not make me bitter or cynical about love. But rather makes me realize that if I wanted so much to be with the wrong person how beautiful it will be when the right one comes along.”- Anonymous

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