My Journey

There is nothing like cumming 8 or 9 times on your dick and leaving it soaked with my juices. I never thought I would find another able to make my spine tingle and my pussy twitch at just the thought of you. You was able and did a DAMN good job at making it happen.

Walking in the door and stripping to match my nakedness, taking me in your arms and kissing me passionately, rubbing my nipples and clit, simultaneously sending pleasure through me from head to toe. Passion and compatibility enveloping us as we do what we do.

The slight curve needed to reach my g-spot and make me explode in a continuous fashion. My ability to drop to my knees and make you grab my head and fuck me in my mouth. Pulling the very essence of your existence through that tiny hole at the end of your dick. Mouth full, I would slowly twirl it around in my mouth and swallow it. The entire act only making me want to do you again and again and again. Calling him My Love and me your Baby as we fucked each other silly and fell out into a deep sleep that would last only a few hours and be back at it again.

The connection felt like electricity. Maybe it is true what they say about a love fucking. The GREATEST show on earth. Uninhibited pleasure, the change of positions without missing a beat, the way your dick filled my pussy, the look of pleasure on your face only making me want to fuck you better and better to keep it there.

Middle of the day text messages to say damn that shit was so good last night, I'll be back tonight. Never once did I send one in return to say enough, damn I need a break cause my pussy is just too sore. Instead my response was always give me more, give me more! Like the greedy bitch, that I am, I always made sure my daily tasks have been completed by a certain time of day because well, after all that good dick, I knew I would not want to clean a damn thing. Just lay my fat ass in the bed with a satisfied grin on my face.

Image credit: amazon
Poem credit: Multiply Friend (sorry can't find her but OK she's damn sexy)
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