My Photo Collection


Life so colorful!

Today, I am just starting to snap some photo collection. I found it very cute and I am planning to post every photo on my blog entry.

It doesn't necessarily need some professional to catch those beautiful images.. the expert would say .. only me! lol.

Anyway, I put random of images which recently taken from my golden Sony Cyber-shot Carl Zeiss 14.1 mega pixels camera. I am learning to loved it every single day. It was more better than any man on earth. Wahaha!

What I loved most from this little toy thing camera was the scene selection. It puts drama on every picture you wanted it to be. See.

Shoot without flash in low-light reducing blur. (High Sensitivity)

Shoot with soft background. (Soft Snap)

Shoot landscapes with distant focus. (look at the clear image of my subject (the grass!) awesome.

Shoot portraits in low light with flash. (Twilight Portrait)

Shoot low light scene using a tripod.

I am so excited while I am lookin' at my end pictures. Perfectly awesome with this tiny camera. One more good thing it has a Sweep Panorama option. Look.

very nice!

More of awesomeness.

I loved the leaves..color so alive.

The photo looks so real.

Loves the pink bloom.

Mad love!

Want some sweet?

More of sweets. ;)

Box of sweetness.

Cam-whoring of the Kisses!

Which one I would pick?

Spell the word.



Shy on cam.


Kinilaw na Isda. (fish cook on vinegar)

Tinolang Isda (Visayan)

Lechon Baboy

Corned Beef



picture 1

picture 2

picture 3

picture 4

I read the book manual of my new camera it was written "Do NOT focus the lens to direct sunlight." Oopss, am i so excited? Dumbass. -_-

The most important thing of all the above was the awesomeness of cam-whoring. My model of course, the lil angels.

Model Kate

Model Sydney

Model Alek with Sydney

Family Frame

with my kids and loving dad.

What more can I say? Nothing much except more love. Thanks God for all the blessing. Thanks for all the people who never failed to share a love that's so true and beautiful.

More of happiness.

~ღ ♥Ƹ̵̡Ӝ̵̨̄Ʒ♥ღ~ GOD may be Glorified!!! ~ღ ♥Ƹ̵̡Ӝ̵̨̄Ʒ♥ღ~

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