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Warning: No animals was harmed when making of this blog.

Sometimes out of our busy life we taken for granted some things we might thought less special. How about when you heard the word Manila Zoo? You might consider it as a kiddie turn of concern. So what? We want to be a kid at heart for once. Forget about the real age, status or whatever damn reason stirring on your ego.

Manila Zoo, ahh what a convenient place to go. Lol! The best reason of going there was visiting our old folks ( relatives! haha!) in some purpose of knowing how they had survived ... LIFE.

December 19, 10:00AM before going to area noted, we had our nice breakfast first on Kentucky Fried chicken.

Natie's food. Oh, the sauce was so thick!

Gido's chicken plate with spaghetti, of course!

Me and Sydney's shared plate.

Alek enjoying on his chicken.

Our strawberry krusher. Loves!

One more refreshing look.

Nomming time.

The Self-Centered Pix.
Alek & Sydney

Sydney & Meh!

Natie & Kate

Kate with parents.

Manila Zoo.

Hello, lovely creature! Lol.

Touch me with care.

Parrots with love.

Cam-whoring with the baby crox! omfg!

My gosh! Long & oily. lol.



or... scared?! hehe.

Feels I am shrinkin' ... omg!

More of pretty parrots.

They smells so nice.. a bird scent. lol.

Ahem, this will be incomplete without the famous cam-whoring.
icking sensation.
Enjoying a prickling sensation over my head.

Loving the fun.

Afraid or what?

Gido trying to ignore the electric static of this parrot.

Hehehe...finally he gave up... kuchi, kuchi!

=a large, two-toed, swift-footed flightless bird, Struthio camelus, indigenous to Africa and Arabia, domesticated for its plumage: the largest of living birds.

Feels like heaven.

Oopss.. almost fell down. The guy feels like hell! Wahaha!

Natie pretends to be brave.

Actually, she is not. hehe.

We force Alek to jump in.

Now, he wanted to jump-out! Wehehe!

Applause! Kate was so brave.

Kate: " Why they so afraid? Stupid people. What kind of shit is this thing?!"

Fact: Gido wanted to ride on the back too.
Truth: Zoo Assistant refuses because he's too heavy. Poor. =)

Let's crawl with the turtles.

Poor turtles, if only they could speak -- that you were too heavy to leak.. arrgghh!

" Uhm, I would prefer to be a vegetarian, buddy!"

Who is the monkey?
Mehhh! I am the monkey!

No, mom I'm the monkey!

Nooo! I'm the monkey!

You all claiming! Here's the two monkeys! Hehe.

Different animals.

Talking about sex? Frighten to be caught. Lol.

Mud play

Yay! What a big mouth open!

Shy zebra hiding wtf!

♫♫♫ Please release me... ♫♫♫

♫♫♫ Let me go... ♫♫♫

Sheep up! I mean, shut up!

Green grass of hope.

More Nice shots!

Yellow tubbies.

London bridge fallin' down.

The long & winding bridge.

Pretty Syd

Handsome Alexander

Poker Face

Monkey face.

Innocent face

Certified malandi.

The real elephant was hiding so we take the fake one.


Back Photo

Beautiful frame

fake zebra

The lil bikers

Oh, I love you nature!

play place

Lovers in zoo. lol.

Seems everyone so tired now.

exit photo

We should learn and remember:

Time to go @ Mall of Asia!

Dinner Time
We pretty not sure where to eat. Gido wants grilled pork while Natie likes Japanese sushi. And the winner is, of course Natie! We decided and enjoyed our dinner. Best ever!

Kitaro Sushi

SM Mall of Asia
Central Business Park
Bay Blvd., Bay City
Pasay, Metro Manila, Philippines
Phone Number: (63 2) 556-0553

What's your order, boss?

Any kiddie meal? Lol.

Super nice feast comes in different varieties of sushi.

More fishy meal.

Long life noodle.

And of course, Filipinos food is incomplete without the heavy rice & bowl of soup.

Nomming time.
slurp....uhm! yummeh!


" Do I look so fishy and saucy? "

Red iced tea..bottoms up!


no more, no less!

Chit please!
P1,371? Hmm..very affordable? Uh what??! P1,371?!!


As to finish the whole fun before we go home, we snap tons of photos to keep in our memories. Thank you so much, not only handsome but thoughtful brother Gideon. Without you, we can't create such a wonderful story like this. Loves yah!

Tnx, Kitaro baby.

Nice ceiling, man.

Kitaro's flaming hot babe for the day.

The Angel!

More to update. Xmas photos soon to explode.

Today, December 30 is the death anniversary of National Hero Dr. Jose Rizal. Isang pagpupugay sa kanyang kabayanihan. We are all heroes in our own special little way.

A hero is a man who does what he can.
Romain Rolland
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