Unfeatured Madness

Ok, this wasn't easy admitting the fact of my laziness about updating this little thing - blogging!

Well, another round of blog after blog post you gonna spit of weariness.

Not so busy
Obviously, I am showing you not a piece of my calories. It's my awesomeness lah! Kidding! I was just feeling so lazy that even updating my blog was too difficult. Oh my.

The damn lappy never takes progression it keeps me annoyed whenever I do blogging. But well, this is NOT my own thing so I kept patience.

It takes a decade after it uploaded a single photo.

But I do blog not to complain but to put some precious photos of my beloved. It was kinda late but need to put it here so it may take a lifetime happiness on my entry.

The never ending cam-whoring of Sydney

Alek took a snap of himself.

Identifying Flip-Flops
" Who use this old flip-flop? "

" You said what?!"

" Aha! This white pair was Tita Nat's slipper."

Heaven Frame


moonlighty =)

Alek's Christmas Party!

December 16, John Alexander's kiddie xmas party was so great. They shared food then having good fun with games and of course, exchange gift.

On our way to school.

Seems everyone so excited.

And seems Alek excitedly cam-whoring.

Actually, he didn't want to do this...

So, he invited his best pal to cam-whore with him. LOL.

The two angels.

Well, I can't imagine that my two angels are now grown-up amazingly. It was like yesterday, I used to carry them both on my arms while breast-feeding them. I don't wanna imagine that I am really goin' old.

Moms with their kids.

Teacher was busy numbering the gifts.

The gift guardian. Boo!

The flood of gifts.

Parlor games.

Discussing or what?

Every kid hopes to win.

And so do him.

Haha! He won a pieces of candies.

Sydney put the candies in the safety bag. Lol.

The final round - exchanging of gifts.

Happy John

Busy eating.

The party ends but cam-whoring NOT.

Certified model to be.

with his gift..

Going home.

Yipee! Time to open the gift...

Alek was so excited but later upset with what he got.



Hahaha! It means that he should save more for the next year round of Christmas.

3 days to go for Christmas! 2 days to go for kissing my baby! 1 day to go to finish my laundry.

More soon!

The amount of happiness that you have depends on the amount of freedom you have in your heart.

- Thich Nhat Hanh

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