Warm Happy Day

After a long time I haven't see them it wasn't bad enough of treating them of course, with my brother Gideon. Along with us, the Centerpoint Ladies where I used to work for over 4 years.

Even Sydney got to cried in the office, we ended a fully delicious lunch with her Godmothers. Tagging along a bunch of very delayed Christmas gifts. ;)

We ended our footstep @ Nagomi Japanese Restaurant. The food was fab. For those Japanese food lovers of course! Noticed that my dear friends are not so fond of these kind food yet they managed themselves not to puke. Hahaha! Whatever lah!

So here we go.

With Sonia, Willianne Rose, Gaylee, Valerie Ann and John Alexander

The first served..tofu?

What's your order guys?

Come here! Come all! LOL.

Still waiting for the food.

Alek nomming while Gido on the smile.

The Wow-Oh-Wow platter!

another tempting view

Such a very nice ambiance perfectly blended with good food and cool place. We do enjoy everything and ended with stomach full while reminiscing.

You must be thinking we already gone home, eh? Of course not. We just take a pee relaxation then we ate again wtf! Where? Here!

(image credit to yahoo)

McDonald's Part I:

The serious look it might kill you. ;)

Or the smile that might loves you? LOL.

Me teasing him.


Posing with her gifts.

Love is fries. Fries is Love. =)

Kids love it.

Cool place, huh?

Cooler with this dude walking. Say what?

Only eyes could tell ... ♫♫♫ love ko 'to ♫♫♫


Toy Kingdom

Who looks tougher? The Nephew or the Uncle? No, it's Incredible Hulk.

Syd and Alek with the robot

with Spiderman

with Ben 10

with Batman

with Sponge Bob & Dora 'd Explorer

Sydney posed like a model ;)

Hugs with the bear

Choo! Choo! with Thomas & Friends ;)

Enjoying the pool... with less water of course.



What a priceless smile. =)

@ McDonald (again!) Part II

For our dinner:
my plate yummeh!

Gideon's plate (hmm..he's not hungry at all, eh?)

Then we let the kids do enjoy the rest of the evening.

End of rides

We should really take time for everything. Live your life with love and let our kids enjoy their share part of happiness.

Happiness resides not in posessions and not in gold; the feeling of happiness dwells in the soul.

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